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A CocoaPods plugin to remove and de-integrate CocoaPods from your project.

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A CocoaPods plugin to remove and deintegrate CocoaPods from your project. Removing all traces of CocoaPods from an Xcode project.


$ [sudo] gem install cocoapods-deintegrate


Running pod deintegrate will deintegrate your Xcode project from CocoaPods. Before running you should ensure you have a backup of your project.

$ pod deintegrate
Deintegrating Palaver.xcodeproj
Deintegrating target Palaver
Deleted 1 'Copy Pods Resources' build phases.
Deleted 1 'Check Pods Manifest.lock' build phases.
Removing Pod libraries from build phase:
- libPods-Palaver.a
Deleting Pod file references from project
- libPods-Palaver.a
- libPods-PalaverTests.a
- Pods-Palaver.debug.xcconfig
- Pods-Palaver.release.xcconfig
- hoc.xcconfig
- Pods-PalaverTests.debug.xcconfig
- Pods-PalaverTests.release.xcconfig
- hoc.xcconfig
Deleted 1 `Pod` groups from project.
Deintegrating target PalaverTests
Deleted 1 'Copy Pods Resources' build phases.
Deleted 1 'Check Pods Manifest.lock' build phases.

Project has been deintegrated. No traces of CocoaPods left in project.
Note: The workspace referencing the Pods project still remains.

The only things that will remains are as follows:

  • Podfile, Podfile.lock
  • Workspace


This CocoaPods plugin was created by Kyle Fuller (@kylefuller).


cocoapods-deintegrate is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.

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