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Cleopatra – Clean & Minimal tailwind css Admin Dashboard Template

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Looking for an admin dashboard that was made with you in mind, look no further than Cleopatra Admin Template. A powerful admin dashboard template built on tailwind css, Cleopatra is developer-first Template , rich with features and highly customizable. i'am followed the highest industry standards to bring you the very best admin template that is not only fast and easy to use but highly scalable.

Cleopatra has been carefully coded with clear comments in all of its JS, SASS and HTML files. SASS has been used to increase code customizability.


There are multiple ways to install Cleopatra.


Using The Command Line:

via npm

npm install @moesaid/cleopatra

Via Git

Clone to your machine

git clone

Compile dist files

your work station is the src file you can list files as you wish ( file get compile with gulp )

  • first run npm install
  • Optional: npm run dev (developer mode, autocompile with browsersync support for live demo) , will open on port 8080 , http://localhost:8080/ change that as you want from gulpfile.js
  • npm run build (compile css/js files for production)


Cleopatra is an open source project by Mohamed Said that is licensed under MIT.

Mohamed Said reserves the right to change the license of future releases.

Open Source Agenda is not affiliated with "Cleopatra" Project. README Source: moesaid/cleopatra

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