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A CSS stylesheet that can be used to improve the look and legibility of Hacker News

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Cleaner Hacker News

Cleaner Hacker News is a loose collection of CSS rules that you can use to improve the style of Hacker News ( or

Here's a screenshot:

The styles improve the legibility of the page by:

  • replacing Verdana with Lucida Grande on Mac OS X and with Segoe UI on Windows, and tweaking the font size; the new fonts are narrower than Verdana and easier to read
  • giving everything more room to breathe
  • removing the container color so there's no longer a border to the left of the list of submitted articles
  • reduces the contrast of each item's number and increases the contrast of links so the page becomes easier to scan

See screenshot.png for a preview of how it looks in Google Chrome.

Tested in Google Chrome v16 on Mac OS X.

To apply the styles in Google Chrome, install the Stylebot extension (, head to Hacker News, click the Stylebot button in the address bar (the one that says "css"), click Edit Css at the bottom, and then paste the contents of cleaner-hn.css.

There's also a branch available so you can get it working with Stylish in Firefox:

To preview the styles you can paste this Javascript into your address bar:

javascript:(function(){var st = document.createElement('link');st.type = "text/css";st.href = "";st.rel = "stylesheet";document.body.appendChild(st)})()

(thanks to jQueryisAwesome on HN)

Also available via

January 11, 2012

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