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Classroom Assistant has been deprecated in favor of the clone student-repos subcommand of the GitHub Classroom CLI extension for the GitHub CLI. Classroom Assistant will no longer receive feature or security updates. The backend API's that it rely on may be deactivated in the future. We recommend that you install the GitHub Classroom CLI extension!

GitHub Classroom Assistant

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GitHub Classroom Assistant is a cross-platform desktop application to help you get student repositories for grading.


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Where can I get it?

Download the latest build of Classroom Assistant from the Releases page.

  • For Mac OS, download the darwin zip package.
  • For Windows, download the .exe package.
  • For Linux, download the .deb package.

Classroom Assistant isn't running on my platform

More information about supported platforms and troubleshooting instructions can be found in the docs folder. There are known issues on some distros of Linux, if you don't see an issue already that matches what you're seeing, open a new issue with relevant information about the problem

Setting up for development

The development document contains information about setting up Classroom Assistant on your local computer.

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