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chordatlas: data-driven urban procedural modeling

chordatlas is an urban procedural modeling and data fusion research platform. UI video. It contains implementations of 3 projects that have be presented at various Siggraphs: frankengan, bigsur, and procex.

procex (video) are a mathematical model of traditional buildings, bigsur (london video) fits these to real world data, and frankengan (madrid video) textures them.

interface pic which melts your eyes


the system is developed on ubuntu, but most of the non-machine learning systems should work on any platform. chordatlas is very much "academic-grade" - if you have problems using this system, I would love to know so I can fix them!

  1. install java 8+
  2. download the chordatlas binary
  3. run with java -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=1 -jar -Xmx10g chordatlas-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar (code is academic grade: use at your own risk. the 10g says to use a 10Gb heap)
  4. read the user interface instructions or watch the ui video.

there are additional requirements and instructions for bigsur (creates clean meshes from noisy meshes, streetview info, and maps) and frankengan (textures the meshes, generates feature locations).

more adventurous hackers may be interested in compiling their own datasets or building the system.


plugins for chordatlas/tweed (mostly under development; my goal is to split out the tweed GUI/engine from applications):

  1. streets (stub, impl)
  2. floorplans (tba)


if you use this project in your own publications, please cite the appropriate paper(s). this helps us get more funding to improve the systems:

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