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Choice Coin is an Algorand Standard Asset that powers Decentralized Decisions, a voting and governance software built directly on the Algorand Blockchain. Decentralized Decisions enables organizations to make governance decisions in an open and decentralized manner. For the Choice Coin DAO, Decentralized Decisions leverages Proof-of-Participation as a governance mechanism, allowing voters to have a larger say in direct proportion to their contribution to the network.



This includes WhitePapers, Decentralized decisions and Smart contracts

These research papers dive into Decentralized Decisons, a governance mechanism that leverages Choice Coin and the Fortior Voting Protocol to allow organizations to vote in a decentralized manner.

The Choice Coin White-Paper describes Choice Coin, a new Algorand-Standard-Asset that faciliates democracy and voting. An open-source endeavour, the Choice Coin White-Paper was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Algorand and Choice Coin Community.

The smart contract research paper is the first of a few that will explain in detail our work and deveopment. It introduces a new of type of smart-contract (Algogenous Smart Contracts) and also references Choice Coin. The official Choice Coin white-paper will go into more detail. more details;


The Choice Coin Network is glad to announce ways in which participants can get Choice Coin. The Network is rewarding direct democratic participation by giving Choice Coin to participants who write letters to their local congressmen or representatives about blockchain or decenteralized governance.

Currently, there are no ongoing bash like gold badge but good contribution are welcome. check for repositories on the official choice coin github.


In anticipation of our official governance launching in December, the Choice Coin Network is glad to announce a formal way for participants to submit proposals for the improvement of the ecosystem. This form will enable anyone to submit a proposal to work on Choice Coin, regardless of their previous participation within the ecosystem. All serious requests will recieve feedback from Choice Leaders before eventually being put up to vote by the general community.

Join the Choice Coin Discord here. Then, fill out the form with the specific details surrounding your proposal. Finally, wait to recieve feedback from Choice Leaders on how you can improve your proposal.


Building a decentralized voting platform with choice coin, you can check various publications on algorand deveoper blog.

Contributions in other language are welcome.


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