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Chocolatey GUI

Chocolatey GUI is a user interface for Chocolatey (the Machine Package Manager for Windows).


You can install Chocolatey GUI via Chocolatey itself by executing:

choco install ChocolateyGUI

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Or, you can find us in IRC at #chocolatey.



You can find information about Chocolatey GUI here:


  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • Should work on all Windows Operating Systems from Windows 7 SP1 and above, and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and above

License / Credits

Apache 2.0 - see LICENSE and NOTICE files.

Submitting Issues

If you have found an issue with Chocolatey GUI, this is the place to submit.

Observe the following help for submitting an issue:


  • The issue has to do with Chocolatey GUI itself and is not a package or website issue.
  • Please check to see if your issue already exists with a quick search of the issues. Start with one relevant term and then add if you get too many results.
  • You are not submitting an Enhancement. Enhancements should observe CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

Submitting a ticket:

  • We'll need debug and verbose output, so please run and capture the log with -dv or --debug --verbose. You can submit that with the issue or create a gist and link it.
  • Please note that the debug/verbose output for some commands may have sensitive data (passwords or apiKeys) related to Chocolatey, so please remove those if they are there prior to submitting the issue.
  • choco.exe logs to a file in $env:ChocolateyInstall\log\. You can grab the specific log output from there so you don't have to capture or redirect screen output. Please limit the amount included to just the command run (the log is appended to with every command).
  • Please save the log output in a gist (save the file as and link to the gist from the issue. Feel free to create it as secret so it doesn't fill up against your public gists. Anyone with a direct link can still get to secret gists. If you accidentally include secret information in your gist, please delete it and create a new one (gist history can be seen by anyone) and update the link in the ticket (issue history is not retained except by email - deleting the gist ensures that no one can get to it). Using gists this way also keeps accidental secrets from being shared in the ticket in the first place as well.
  • We'll need the entire log output from the run, so please don't limit it down to areas you feel are relevant. You may miss some important details we'll need to know. This will help expedite issue triage.
  • It's helpful to include the version of choco, the version of the OS, and the version of PowerShell (Posh), but the debug script should capture all of those pieces of information.
  • Include screenshots and/or animated gif's whenever possible, they help show us exactly what the problem is.


If you would like to contribute code or help squash a bug or two, that's awesome. Please familiarize yourself with CONTRIBUTING.


  • It is assumed that a version of Visual Studio 2019 or newer is already installed on the machine being used to complete the build.
  • choco install wixtoolset -y
  • OPTIONAL: Set FXCOPDIR environment variable, which can be set using vswhere and the following command:
    $FXCOPDIR = vswhere -products * -latest -prerelease -find **/FxCopCmd.exe
    [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("FXCOPDIR", $FXCOPDIR, 'User')
  • Install WiX toolset integration for your Visual Studio Integration from here
  • From an Administrative PowerShell Window, navigate to the folder where you have cloned the Chocolatey GUI repository and run build.ps1, this will run Cake and it will go through the build script.


If you are interested in helping with the effort in translating the various portions of the Chocolatey GUI UI into different languages, you can find out more about using the transifex service in this how to article.


Committers, you should be very familiar with COMMITTERS.


  • View all installed and available packages
  • Update installed but outdated packages
  • Install and uninstall packages
  • See detailed package information

Chocolatey GUI


Chocolatey GUI is brought to you by quite a few people and frameworks. See CREDITS (just in the zip folder)

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