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A rendition of everyone's favorite 1995 Microsoft operating system for Linux.

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XFCE / Xubuntu Windows 95 Total Conversion

Chicago95 Desktop

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I was unhappy with the various XFCE/GTK2/GTK3 Windows 95 based themes and decided to make one that was more consistent across the board for theming.

Included in this theme:

  • Icons to complete the icon theme started with Classic95
  • GTK2 and GTK3 themes
  • Edited Redmond XFWM theme to more accurately reflect Windows 95
  • Chicago95 Plus! A tool to preview and install Windows 95/98/ME/XP themes
  • Plymouth theme created from scratch
  • An MS-DOS inspired theme for oh-my-zsh
  • Partial support for HiDPI monitors
  • Partial icon theme for LibreOffice 6+


  • GTK+ 3.22 or 3.24
  • Xfce 4.12, 4.14, 4.16
  • gtk2-engines-pixbuf (Recommended for GTK2 applications)
  • A Window compositor

(If your are using an older desktop that uses GTK3.18, you can use this forked version of the theme.)


Click here for Chicago95 documentation and extra features.



Distro Package Name/Link
Debian 9 obs-repo
Debian 10 obs-repo
Debian Testing/Unstable obs-repo
Ubuntu 18.04 - 20.04 obs-repo

Manual installation and setup instructions:

Click here for install steps.

Install a Microsoft Windows Plus! theme:

Click here for installing custom themes.

Install the Plymouth boot splash theme:

Click here for install steps.

Install the LibreOffice icon theme:

Click here for installing the LibreOffice Chicago95 icon theme.


KDE Support (experimental):

  • SDDM Logon Manager:: Click Install from file... in Loggin Screen (SDDM) manager. Select SDDM/Chicago95.tar.gz to install the theme.
  • Splash Screen: plasmapkg2 -t lookandfeel -i KDE/Splash/chicago95.splashscreen


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IRC server:

Click here to connect to the IRC server. Please read server rules and be kind.

Code and license

License: GPL-3.0+/MIT

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