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Stream your own music collection to all your devices! The easy to use free and open-source music streaming server.

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CherryMusic is a music streaming server based on CherryPy and jPlayer. It plays the music inside your PC, smartphone, tablet, toaster or whatever device has a HTML5 compliant browser installed.

current features:

  • stream your music inside the browser (locally or remote)
  • browse and search your music
  • completely AJAX based (no page reloads on click, therefore fast)
  • create and share playlists
  • multiple user authentication
  • HTTPS support
  • automatic album cover art fetching
  • see CHANGES for all the features

You can find more information on the CherryMusic website and in our wiki.

master: Build Status Master

devel: Build Status Devel

Getting Started

See the Setup Guide for quickstart instructions and more.

Basically, you can just

$ git clone git://

and then start the server and follow the instructions:

$ python cherrymusic --setup --port 8080

(Leave out the --options for subsequent starts.)



See our wiki for user and developer information.


Please see the Troubleshooting wiki page.


There's also a wiki section listing the 101 ways to lend a hand.

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