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PHP Common utilities for Mexican CFDI 3.2, 3.3 & 4.0


5 months ago

This is a maintenance release to fix the continuous integration workflow and append pending development changes.

  • Fix test CertificadoTest::testConstructWithValidExample() to allow quoted slashes on name.
  • Add phpdoc to the method Certificate::getCertificateName(). The value can contain quoted slashes \/ depending on the OpenSSL version.
  • Update script tests/validate.php to validate CFDI 3.3 or CFDI 4.0.
  • Add return types to some methods:
    • Status::comparableValue and Status::__toString.
    • Discoverer::discoverInFile.
  • Improve TestCase::installCertificate(): It doesn't depend on the certificate's file name to install correctly.
  • Update GitHub build workflow:
    • Update GH Workflows: Remove deprecated ::set-output & ::save-state.
    • Split full build actions to individual jobs.
    • Split Windows and Linux testing.


9 months ago

Fix CFDI 4.0, must include Comprobante/Impuestos/Traslados/[email protected]=Exento when exists at least one node Comprobante/Conceptos/Concepto/Impuestos/Traslados/[email protected]=Exento.

The node must contain attribute TipoFactor=Exento and the rounded sum of the attributes Base grouped by attribute Impuesto.

Thanks @jiag-dev for noticing this issue, and @yairtestas for your guidance to find the solution.


10 months ago
  • Use Symfony/Process instead of ShellExec.
  • Remove internal classes ShellExec and ShellExecResult.
  • Rename internal class ShellExecTemplate to CommandTemplate.


11 months ago

Fix hardcoded Regímenes catalog to fix CFDI33 validation EmisorRegimenFiscal.

Thanks @celli33 for your contribution.


11 months ago

Add CfdiUtils\Elements\PlataformasTecnologicas10 Elements to work with "Complemento Servicios de Plataformas Tecnológicas".

Thanks @gam04 for your contribution.


1 year ago

Add support to read and create a RET 1.0 (Retenciones e información de pagos 2.0) document. (Closes #96)

  • Add helper elements on namespace CfdiUtils\Elements\Retenciones20.
  • Add CfdiUtils\Retenciones\RetencionVersion.
  • Add CfdiUtils\Retenciones\RetencionesCreator20.
  • Move shared methods from CfdiUtils\Retenciones\RetencionesCreator10 to CfdiUtils\Retenciones\RetencionesCreatorTrait.
  • Refactor CfdiUtils\Retenciones\Retenciones to read versions 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Improve documentation about RET 2.0.

Thanks @gam04 for your contribution.


1 year ago
  • Introduce \CfdiUtils\Nodes\NodeHasValueInterface to work with nodes simple text content.
  • The class \CfdiUtils\Nodes\Node implements \CfdiUtils\Nodes\NodeHasValueInterface.
  • The XML node importers and exporters now can read and write simple text content.


1 year ago

Allow installing Genkgo/Xsl version 1.1.0; used for PHP >= 7.4.

Test: Fix test that was overriding retenciones/sample-before-tfd.xml file.

Include the following unreleased changes from 2022-03-18:

Fix build since GitHub Action sudo-bot/action-scrutinizer is failing. Use scrutinizer/ocular package instead.

Test: When creating a pago, use addSumasConceptos to populate SubTotal and Total.

CI: Always run apt-get update before apt-get install.


1 year ago

Add PHP 8.1 minimal compatibility.

Skip tests on GenkgoXslBuilderTest because the library genkgo/xsl is not compatible with PHP 8.1.

Skip tests WebServiceConsumingTest::testSoapClientHasSettings because cannot access SoapClient private properties.

Add dependence on symfony/process to include 6.0. This allows to install the library on PHP 8.1.

Upgrade eclipxe/xmlschemavalidator from version 2.x to version 3.x (fully PHP 8.1 compatible).

Add #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] or fix return types on implemented classes like IteratorAggregate::getIterator(): Traversable.

Add information about how tu run locally GitHub Actions using nektos/act tool.


1 year ago

Add CfdiUtils\Elements\Pagos20 Elements to work with "Complemento para recepción de Pagos 2.0". Thanks @EmmanuelJCS. (Closes #89)