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Cercle is a CRM+Project Manager for your organization - Phoenix Framework & Vuejs

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Cercle is the ultimate CRM+Project Manager for your organization - Phoenix & Vuejs

Cercle is a CRM for smart people who need to manage a database of contacts and get things done.

Easy to keep track of your sales, partnerships, support tickets, onboarding clients.

Try Cercle Today. Click here: http://www.cercle.co/register

Create Boards

You can create People Board or Project Board.

  • With People Board, you can track your deals, your clients, your marketing automation.

  • With Project Board, you can track your tasks, your projects.

Connect with Zapier

You can use Zapier to do Marketing Automation. Move a People Card into a new column, then it triggers an email sequence for example.

Why Cercle?

  • visual like Trello
  • simple to manage your contacts
  • simple to manage your projects
  • realtime
  • API ready
  • open source


  • Board for projects
  • Board for contacts
  • Each Card can be linked to several contacts
  • Card Contact Tags
  • Card Contact Organization
  • Card Attachements
  • Card Tasks (with optional due date)
  • Card Comments
  • Card Email Notification Reminder
  • Import CSV
  • Export CSV
  • Board Timeline on a sidebar
  • Board Archive/Unarchive
  • Multi company
  • API Ready
  • Integration with Zapier


V1.3 - December 2017

  • Update version of Vuejs
  • Remove Jquery dependency
  • Add Pagination to Contact page
  • Minor Bug Fixes

V1.2.2 - October 2017

  • Email API for Contact
  • People Board & Project Board
  • Company Association
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Improvement of the test suite

V1.2 - September 2017

  • Multi Company (User can switch between several companies)
  • URL are now clickable in description
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Improvement of the test suite

V1.1 - August 2017

  • UX improvements so we can use Card without contacts
  • Notification system for task due date & Card due date

V1.0 - June 2017

  • Oauth Integration with Zapier
  • Add Full name option during CSV Import

To use Cercle CRM API

  • make sure to include into your header: authorization Bearer TOKEN_FOUND_IN_YOUR_SETTINGS
  • you can get the list of boards, contacts by using the API like
    • /api/v2/company/:id_of_your_company/board
    • /api/v2/company/:id_of_your_company/contact
  • you can create or edit board, card also.

More Documentation about API is coming soon.

To install Cercle on Local

You need to setup a postgresql DB version 9.5

  1. Rename the file dev.secret_example.exs to dev.secret.exs
  2. Fill out the parameters of dev.secret.exs
  3. mix ecto.create (Create the DB)
  4. mix ecto.migrate (Run the migration)
  5. mix phoenix.server (You're good to go!)

To Install Cercle into heroku

  1. mix phoenix.gen.secret
  2. heroku config:set SECRET_KEY_BASE="your_key_here"
  3. heroku config:set POOL_SIZE=18
  4. add others parameters from dev.secret into Heroku config:set
  5. You're good to go!

Using Docker For Development

  1. Given you already have docker and docker-compose installed on your machine, Simply run these following commands:
# Build all and pull images and containers
docker-compose build
# Build application dependencies.
# This will set permission to allow our build script to run.
chmod +x build
# Build the Docker image and start the `web` container, daemonized
docker-compose up -d web


Feel free to send your PR with proposals, improvements or corrections!


Copyright © 2016-2017 AK Cercle Inc.

Licence LGPL v3.

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