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Repository with sample code and instructions for "Continuous Intelligence" and "Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning: CD4ML" workshops

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Continuous Intelligence and CD4ML Workshop

This workshop contains the sample application and machine learning code used for the Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning (CD4ML) and Continuous Intelligence workshop. This material has been developed and is continuously evolved by ThoughtWorks and has been presented in conferences such as: Yottabyte 2018, World AI Summit 2018, Strata London 2019, and others.


In order to run this workshop, you will need:

  • A valid Github account
  • A working Docker setup (if running on Windows, make sure to use Linux containers)

Workshop Instructions

The workshop is divided into several steps, which build on top of each other. Instructions for each exercise can be found under the instructions folder.

WARNING: the exercises build on top of each other, so you will not be able to skip steps ahead without executing them.

WARNING 2: the workshop requires infrastructure that we only provision when needed, therefore you won't be able to execute the exercises on your own that require that shared infrastructure. We are working on a setup that allows running the workshop locally, but that is work in progress.

The Machine Learning Problem

We built a simplified solution to a Kaggle problem posted by Corporación Favorita, a large Ecuadorian-based grocery retailer interested in improving their Sales Forecasting using data. For the purposes of this workshop, we have combined and simplified their data sets, as our goal is not to find the best predictions, but to demonstrate how to implement CD4ML.


The material, ideas, and content developed for this workshop were contributions from (in alphabetical order):

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