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Cayenne MQTT Python Library

The Cayenne MQTT Python Library provides functions to easily connect to the Cayenne IoT project builder <>_. With it you can send data to and receive data from Cayenne.


  • Python 2.7.9+ or 3.4+ <>_.
  • This library <>_.
  • Eclipse Paho MQTT Python client library <>_. This is installed as part of the Cayenne library installation.

Getting Started


This library can be installed using pip.

Python 2: ::

pip install cayenne-mqtt

Python 3: ::

pip3 install cayenne-mqtt

It can also be installed from the repository.

Python 2: ::

git clone cd Cayenne-MQTT-Python python install

Python 3: ::

git clone cd Cayenne-MQTT-Python python3 install

Cayenne Setup

  1. Create your Cayenne account here <>_.
  2. Add a new device using the Bring Your Own Thing API selection.


Simple examples are available in the repository here:

Below is an example of a simple client that publishes some sample data and receives data from Cayenne in a message callback. The Cayenne authentication variables must be modified with the authentication info you received when adding a new device in Cayenne: ::

import cayenne.client import time

Cayenne authentication info. This should be obtained from the Cayenne Dashboard.


The callback for when a message is received from Cayenne.

def on_message(message): print("message received: " + str(message)) # If there is an error processing the message return an error string, otherwise return nothing.

client = cayenne.client.CayenneMQTTClient() client.on_message = on_message client.begin(MQTT_USERNAME, MQTT_PASSWORD, MQTT_CLIENT_ID)

For a secure connection use port 8883 when calling client.begin:


i=0 timestamp = 0

while True: client.loop()

if (time.time() > timestamp + 10):
  client.celsiusWrite(1, i)
  client.luxWrite(2, i*10)
  client.hectoPascalWrite(3, i+800)
  timestamp = time.time()
  i = i+1


For more detailed info about the Cayenne client API you can use pydoc. ::

pydoc cayenne.client

Additional Cayenne MQTT Libraries

Additional libraries are available for connecting to Cayenne with other languages. These can be found at

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