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🌻 Soothing pastel theme for KDE


3 months ago

As of this release, everything has now been ported to KDE 6! 🎉

  • This closes issue #52
  • A lot of porting work, including the install script, was done by @dinckelman
  • Splashscreen porting was done by @Sourcastic
  • The lightly plasma style (this includes panels and widgets) has been dropped in favour of default breeze.
  • New screenshots have been added to reflect the changes!

We'd like to thank everyone for PRs, testing, suggestions, and, most importantly, your patience. :pray:

Full Changelog:


3 months ago
  • New screenshots thanks to @justTOBBI
  • Script rewritten entirely to be POSIX-compliant thanks to @Stonks3141
    • Any pull requests from now onwards must pass shellcheck to be merged

This release will be the last release to officially support plasma 5, and any releases onwards will be for plasma6!

Full Changelog:


1 year ago
  • Qt6 apps will be properly themed again!
    • This addresses issue #37
  • The install script will now install and apply Catppuccin cursors from the cursors port
    • By default, it will install the dark cursor and the accent colour you've chosen in the script.
  • There are also now some tweaks to the install script.
    • You can enter debug mode to already prefill the options. For example: ./ 2 4 1 will download Macchiato Mauve with the modern aurorae theme

Thanks again to @Cequallium for a lot of these changes! :tada:

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1 year ago
  • The shadows are now centred in the splash screen introduced in the last release.
  • The modern aurorae theme is smaller by default. The logic behind that change is that it can be made bigger in system settings, but not much smaller.
  • There are now instructions to install the colour-scheme for Krita in the readme and to facilitate that change, the releases will now include all 56 colour schemes as well as aurorae themes.
  • To top it all off, the install script has been tweaked just that little bit more.

Again, just like the previous releases, thanks to @Cequallium for these changes! :heart:

Full Changelog:


1 year ago

This release includes a new aurorae theme (pictured below) called "modern". The previous aurorae theme is still present under its new name, "classic".


Moreover, the release includes a splash screen. (Also pictured below)


And just as a cherry on top, the install script is better as well. Big thanks to @Cequallium who did all the work in this release. His contributions are amazing!

What's Changed

New Contributors

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1 year ago

Look at us finally making releases :sweat_smile: !

  • This release includes an aurorae theme, fixing the oldest open issue #4.

  • It also makes modifications to the lightly plasma theme and includes no panel shadow. This addresses #17.

  • The release also comes with an install script that allows for easier maintenance and allows people to use any accent better than it is built into plasma.

This release wouldn't have been possible without @Cequallium, who worked on the plasma theme and install script! :tada: