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Clash Verge

A 接盘 Clash Meta GUI based on tauri.


  • Since the clash core has been removed. The project no longer maintains the clash core, but only the Clash Meta core.
  • Profiles management and enhancement (by yaml and Javascript). Doc
  • Simple UI and supports custom theme color.
  • Built-in support Clash.Meta core.
  • System proxy setting and guard.


狗狗加速 —— 技术流机场 Doggygo VPN

  • 高性能海外机场,免费试用,优惠套餐,解锁流媒体,全球首家支持 Hysteria 协议。
  • 使用 Clash Verge 专属邀请链接注册送 3 天,每天 1G 流量免费试用:https://verge.狗狗加速.com/#/register?code=oaxsAGo6
  • Clash Verge 专属 8 折优惠码: verge20 (仅有 500 份)
  • 优惠套餐每月仅需 15.8 元,160G 流量,年付 8 折
  • 海外团队,无跑路风险,高达 50% 返佣
  • 集群负载均衡设计,高速专线(兼容老客户端),极低延迟,无视晚高峰,4K 秒开
  • 全球首家 Hysteria 协议机场,现已上线更快的 Hysteria2 协议(Clash Verge 客户端最佳搭配)
  • 解锁流媒体及 ChatGPT
  • 官网:https://狗狗加速.com


Download from release. Supports Windows x64, Linux x86_64 and macOS 11+

Or you can build it yourself. Supports Windows, Linux and macOS 10.15+

Notes: If you could not start the app on Windows, please check that you have Webview2 installed.


1. macOS "Clash Verge" is damaged and can't be opened

open the terminal and run sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/Clash\


You should install Rust and Nodejs, see here for more details. Then install Nodejs packages.

yarn install

Then download the clash binary... Or you can download it from clash meta release and rename it according to tauri config.

# force update to latest version
# yarn run check --force

yarn run check

Then run

yarn dev

# run it in another way if app instance exists
yarn dev:diff

Or you can build it

yarn build


This keng is a little big...


demo1 demo2 demo3 demo4 demo5 demo6

Custom Theme

demo1 demo2 demo3 demo4 demo5 demo6


This is a learning project for Rust practice.


Issue and PR welcome!


Clash Verge was based on or inspired by these projects and so on:


GPL-3.0 License. See License here for details.

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