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ProtectWise Cassandra Util

A series of utilities for working with Apache Cassandra.

CCM Testing Helper

Testing fixtures for interacting with CCM for automated integration tests. Use configuration to define a set of cluster topologies and let these classes manage setup and teardown rather than a sequence of esoteric CCM commands.

See reference.conf for example configurations.

CQL Wrapper

A wrapper on the DataStax Java Driver for use from Scala applications. Cluster connections driven by configuration so your DevOps team will love you. Also powerful options for tuning performance and achieving parallelism, as well as implicit arguments for execution context, consistency, retry policy, and sessions.

See CQL Wrapper Documentation

Deleting Compaction Strategy

A custom compaction strategy for Cassandra which allows for data to be removed during standard compaction without resorting to tombstones or TTL's. Currently supports Cassandra 2.x series.

See Deleting Compaction Strategy Documentation

ProtectWise Util

Support classes copied in from ProtectWise internal repositories.

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