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Carbon Components Svelte is a Svelte component library that implements the Carbon Design System, an open source design system by IBM.

Design systems facilitate design and development through reuse, consistency, and extensibility.

The Carbon Svelte portfolio also includes:


The documentation site is deployed to Render as a Static Site. See render.yaml for details.

Deploy to Render

Other forms of documentation are auto-generated:


Install carbon-components-svelte as a development dependency.

# Yarn
yarn add -D carbon-components-svelte

# npm
npm i -D carbon-components-svelte

# pnpm
pnpm i -D carbon-components-svelte



Before importing components, you will need to first apply Carbon component styles. The Carbon Design System supports five themes (2 light, 3 dark).

  • white.css: Default Carbon theme (light)
  • g10.css: Gray 10 theme (light)
  • g80.css: Gray 80 theme (dark)
  • g90.css: Gray 90 theme (dark)
  • g100.css: Gray 100 theme (dark)
  • all.css: All themes (White, Gray 10, Gray 90, Gray 100) using CSS variables

Each StyleSheet is generated from the flagship carbon-components library.

The compiled CSS is generated from the following .scss files:

CSS StyleSheet

// White theme
import "carbon-components-svelte/css/white.css";

// Gray 10 theme
import "carbon-components-svelte/css/g10.css";

// Gray 80 theme
import "carbon-components-svelte/css/g80.css";

// Gray 90 theme
import "carbon-components-svelte/css/g90.css";

// Gray 100 theme
import "carbon-components-svelte/css/g100.css";

// All themes
import "carbon-components-svelte/css/all.css";


An alternative to loading styles is to link an external StyleSheet from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like

This is best suited for rapid prototyping.

<!DOCTYPE html>


The most performant method to load styles is to import SCSS directly from carbon-components. Although it requires more set up, you can reduce the size of the bundle CSS by importing individual component styles instead of a pre-compiled CSS StyleSheet.

Refer to the official Carbon guide on SASS for documentation.

Dynamic theming

Use the "all.css" StyleSheet for dynamic, client-side theming.

import "carbon-components-svelte/css/all.css";

Update the theme by setting the theme attribute on the html element. The default theme is "white".

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" theme="g10">

Programmatically switch between each of the five Carbon themes by setting the "theme" attribute on the HTML element.

  let theme = "white"; // "white" | "g10" | "g80" | "g90" | "g100"

  $: document.documentElement.setAttribute("theme", theme);

Importing components

Import components from carbon-components-svelte in the script tag of your Svelte file. Visit the documentation site for examples.

<!-- App.svelte -->
  import { Accordion, AccordionItem } from "carbon-components-svelte";

  <AccordionItem title="Section 1" open> Content 1 </AccordionItem>
  <AccordionItem title="Section 2"> Content 2 </AccordionItem>
  <AccordionItem title="Section 3"> Content 3 </AccordionItem>

Refer to for component API documentation.


carbon-preprocess-svelte is a collection of Svelte preprocessors for Carbon.

# Yarn
yarn add -D carbon-preprocess-svelte

# npm
npm i -D carbon-preprocess-svelte

# pnpm
pnpm i -D carbon-preprocess-svelte


optimizeImports is a script preprocessor that rewrites base imports from Carbon components/icons/pictograms packages to their source Svelte code paths. This can greatly speed up compile times during development while preserving typeahead and autocompletion hinting offered by integrated development environments (IDE) like VSCode.

The preprocessor optimizes imports from the following packages:

Before & After

- import { Button } from "carbon-components-svelte";
- import { Add16 } from "carbon-icons-svelte";
- import { Airplane } from "carbon-pictograms-svelte";
+ import Button from "carbon-components-svelte/src/Button/Button.svelte";
+ import Add16 from "carbon-icons-svelte/lib/Add16.svelte";
+ import Airplane from "carbon-pictograms-svelte/lib/Airplane.svelte";


// svelte.config.js
import { optimizeImports } from "carbon-preprocess-svelte";

export default {
  preprocess: [optimizeImports()],

svelte-preprocess should be invoked before any preprocessor from carbon-preprocess-svelte.

// svelte.config.js
+ import sveltePreprocess from "svelte-preprocess";
import { optimizeImports } from "carbon-preprocess-svelte";

export default {
  preprocess: [
+   sveltePreprocess(),


TypeScript support

TypeScript definitions are generated by sveld.


Refer to the Contributing guidelines.



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