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Deploy your Capacitor apps to Linux, Mac, and Windows desktops, with the Tauri platform! 🖥️

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🚨 This platform is in alpha, expect broken parts. 🚨

Bring your Capacitor ⚡ apps to the desktop with Tauri! 🖥

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⚠ Important Info

  • Please follow your operating systems guide to setup your environment for Tauri development here
  • You will need @capacitor/core version >= 3.2.0.

⏳ Quickstart (Functioning on: ✅ Windows, ✅ MacOS, ⬜ Linux)

  1. Create or open a Capacitor initialized web app project. CAPACITOR DOCS
  2. Build your web app (npm run build for example)
  3. npm i @capacitor-community/[email protected]
  4. npx cap add @capacitor-community/tauri
  5. npx cap open @capacitor-community/tauri - This can take several minutes the first time you run it.
  6. You now have your web app running in tauri, right click and select inspect to bring up dev tools.

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🛠 Maintainers

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Mike Summerfeldt IT-MikeS @IT_MikeS Volunteer Yes

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Mike Summerfeldt

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