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Calibre’s Node.js API and Command Line Client (CLI).

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Calibre’s Node.js API and Command Line Client (CLI)

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This repository contains Calibre’s APIs you can use to fetch and manage your monitoring data. The Command Line Client (CLI) is designed for simple tasks right from your terminal. We recommend using the Node.js API for more complex tasks and automation.

ℹ️ Please note: Using the APIs requires an active Calibre account (in trial or on a paid plan).

? Table of Contents

  1. Installation
  2. Authentication
  3. Features
  4. Usage
  5. Package Exports
  6. Script Examples
  7. Contributing
  8. Resources
  9. License

? Installation

To install the latest version globally, run this command:

npm install -g calibre

or save it directly to your project:

npm install calibre --save

The calibre package is built to support all current Node.js LTS releases.

? Authentication

To authenticate to Calibre and use the APIs, you will need to create or use an existing API Token. Learn about the types of API Tokens and how to create them here.

Once you have an API Token, you can store it locally:

calibre token set <your token>

Or alternately, set CALIBRE_API_TOKEN environment variable.

? Features

  • Manage performance with a single command. Retrieve all speed data and manage the test environment and settings.
  • Run Single Page Tests. Create one-off tests privately or share them with your team.
  • Monitor speed across your release process. Track performance between deploys and mark them on your charts.
  • Use Calibre within CI/CD. Every command has a --json flag for machine-readable output.
  • Script any action. We export all API methods to the Calibre npm package..

? Usage

To see a full list of available commands, subcommands and options run:

$ calibre --help
$ calibre <command> --help

or see all commands in this repository or Calibre’s documentation.

In Node, you can use the either ES Modules or CommonJS versions accordingly:

// ES Modules
import { Site } from 'calibre'
await Site.list()
// CommonJS
const { Site } = require('calibre')
await Site.list()

? Package exports

In addition to the named default exports shown above, the calibre package also exports CLI related metadata, which is used to generate CLI documentation.

CLI Commands

Each CLI command is a Node module that exports command, describe, handler and builder. You can import all CLI commands from calibre/cli-commands (see src/cli.js for reference).

import Commands from 'calibre/cli-commands'

CLI Metadata

You can import command metadata (used to generate CLI documentation) from the calibre/cli-metadata export:

import { getCommandMetaData } from 'calibre/cli-metadata'
console.log(JSON.stringify(getCommandMetaData(), null, 2))

?? Contributing

Happy to hear you’re interested in contributing to Calibre’s APIs! Please find our contribution guidelines here.

? Script Examples

We prepared a handful of examples for common actions you might want to perform:

? Resources

Find code examples and more information for the CLI and Node.js API in our documentation.

? License

This project is MIT licensed.

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