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Config files for ZSH, Java, Ruby, Go, Editors, Terminals and more.

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Important: I'm now using the Fish shell, so I have a new repository for my fish dotfiles. This repo will be eventually be replaced by it.

Check it out here.

carlos' dotfiles

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Config files for ZSH, Java, Ruby, Go, Editors, Terminals and more.

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First, make sure you have all those things installed:

  • git: to clone the repo
  • curl: to download some stuff
  • tar: to extract downloaded stuff
  • zsh: to actually run the dotfiles
  • sudo: some configs may need that


Then, run these steps:

$ git clone ~/.dotfiles
$ cd ~/.dotfiles
$ ./script/bootstrap
$ zsh # or just close and open your terminal again.

All changed files will be backed up with a .backup suffix.

For macOS, I recommend:

  • iTerm: a better terminal emulator;

For both Linux and macOS:

  • diff-so-fancy: better git difs (you'll need to run dot_update to apply it);
  • fzf: fuzzy finder, used in ,t on vim, for example;
  • kubectx for better kubernetes context and namespace switch;

macOS defaults

You use it by running:


And logging out and in again/restart.

Themes and fonts being used

Theme is Dracula, font is JetBrains Mono on editors and Hack on terminals.

Further help:


Feel free to contribute. Pull requests will be automatically checked/linted with Shellcheck and shfmt.

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