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Safe database schema change and version control for DevOps teams.

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Bytebase is a web-based, zero-config, dependency-free database schema change and version control management tool for the DevOps team.

For Developer and DevOps Engineer - Holistic view of database schema changes

Regardless of working as an IC in a team or managing your own side project, developers using Bytebase will have a holistic view of all the related database info, the ongoing database schema change tasks and the past database migration history.

For DBA - 10x operational efficiency

A collaborative web-console to allow DBAs to manage database tasks and handle developer tickets much more efficiently than traditonal tools.

For Tech Lead - Improve team velocity and reduce risk

Teams using Bytebase will naturally adopt industry best practice for managing database schema changes. Tech leads will see an improved development velocity and reduced outages caused by database changes.

Supported Database

✅ MySQL ✅ PostgreSQL ✅ TiDB ✅ ClickHouse ✅ Snowflake

VCS Integration

Database-as-Code, login with VCS account, project membership sync.

✅ GitLab CE/EE ✅


  • Web-based database change and management workspace for teams
  • SQL Review
  • Built-in SQL Editor
  • Detailed migration history
  • Multi-tenancy (rollout change to homogeneous databases belonged to different tenants)
  • Backup and restore
  • Point-in-time recovery (PITR)
  • Anomaly center
  • Environment policy
    • Approval policy
    • Backup schedule enforcement
  • Schema drift detection
  • Backward compatibility schema change check
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Webhook integration for Slack, Discord, MS Teams, DingTalk(钉钉), Feishu(飞书), WeCom(企业微信)
Fig.1 - Dashboard


Fig.2 - SQL review issue pipeline


Fig.3 - GitLab based schema migration (Database-as-code)


Fig.4 - Built-in SQL Editor


? Docs


User doc

In particular, get familar with various product concept such as data model, roles and permissions and etc.

Design doc

Version upgrade policy

? Interested in contributing?

  1. Checkout issues tagged with good first issue.

  2. We are maintaining an online database glossary list, you can add/improve content there.

Note: We are quite disciplined on tech stack. If you consider bringing a new programming language, framework and any non-trivial external dependency, please open a discussion first.

? Development

Bytebase is built with a curated tech stack. It is optimized for developer experience and is very easy to start working on the code:

  1. It has no external dependency.
  2. It requires zero config.
  3. 1 command to start backend and 1 command to start frontend, both with live reload support.

Learn the codebase


  • Go (1.19 or later)
  • pnpm
  • Air (must use 1.30.0). This is for backend live reload.


  1. Install Air v1.30.0. Use 1.30.0 because the newer version changes the behavior and won't shutdown the previous service properly.

    go install[email protected]
  2. Pull source.

    git clone
  3. Start backend using air (with live reload).

    air -c scripts/.air.toml

    Change the open file limit if you encounter "error: too many open files".

    ulimit -n 10240

    If you need additional runtime parameters such as --backup-bucket, please add them like this:

    air -c scripts/.air.toml -- --backup-region us-east-1 --backup-bucket s3:\\/\\/example-bucket --backup-credential ~/.aws/credentials
  4. Start frontend (with live reload).

    cd frontend && pnpm i && pnpm dev

    Bytebase should now be running at http://localhost:3000 and change either frontend or backend code would trigger live reload.

  5. (Optional) Install pre-commit.

    cd bytebase
    pre-commit install
    pre-commit install --hook-type commit-msg

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