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Bullet Journal

I absolutely love bullet journals! While being a freelancer, it was the only way for me to keep track of parallel projects and tasks and to free my mind for personal stuff. I stopped working with bullet journals as soon as I started working full-time for Kirby The chaos was a lot more controllable from there on. But I still miss taking notes and organizing tasks that way. Inspired by a tweet I thought it would be a nice idea to come up with a very minimalist approach to a digital bullet journal.


This little HTML file is nothing more than a scratchpad for your weekly tasks and notes. The only thing it does is to store your notes in local storage. It won't clear them, move them, archive them or whatever. You have to do the rest. Tasks are also not synced. They are bound to your current browser.

I use it as a pinned tab, but it's also great to set this up as the start page when a new tab or window opens. It's up to you!




Download the index.html and open it in your browser – done!

I've created a virtual host called http://bullet.journal and run it from there. But that's just unnecessary nerd stuff.


The HTML and CSS is very simple. Feel free to mess around with it. Add another column. Remove columns. It's yours. You can also customize the colors with the CSS vars at the top of the style block.

Browser support

I've tested it in the latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS so far. Feel free to test more browsers. It will most likely not work in older ones.


There's no support. You are on your own :)


There's no license. Do what ever you want with it.


Bastian Allgeier
[email protected]

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