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Building Maintainable Software

This is the example code that accompanies Building Maintainable Software: Ten Guidelines for Future-Proof Code by Joost Visser.

There are currently two editions of Building Maintainable Software:

  • The Java edition (ISBN print: 978-1-4919-5352-5, ISBN eBook: 978-1-4919-5348-8), available at the O'Reilly webshop and at Amazon.
  • The C# edition, currently submitted as a manuscript to O'Reilly Media.

Training videos are also available via O'Reilly Media.

Both editions are the same except for the language of the code snippets and a bit of language-specific terminology (e.g., 'Eclipse' in the Java edition is 'Visual Studio' in the C# edition).

Click the Download Zip button to the right to download example code.

See an error? Report it here for the Java edition, or simply fork and send us a pull request.

About The Example Code

The example code of the Java edition lives in src/java and src/test/java. The example code of the C# edition lives in src/csharp and src/test/csharp. Every .java file in src/java has a .cs file with the same name in src/csharp and the other way around. The same is true for the contents of the src/test directories.

For the Java code, there is a pom.xml file in the root of this repository. This allows compiling the Java source files and running the unit tests using Maven by executing mvn test.

For the C# code, there is a Visual Studio Solution file in the root of this repository, which references two projects (see the .csproj files in src/csharp and src/test/csharp). We compile the C# code and run the unit tests regularly using Mono on MacOS and occasionally using Visual Studio.

Both the Java and the C# editions have been written using O'Reilly's Atlas platform in the AsciiDoc markup language. All code snippets displayed in the books are taken directly from this example code. The parts included in the books are between Java and C# comments of the form // tag::NameOfTag[] and // end::NameOfTag[]. All code not between such comments is just there to make everything compile and pass unit tests.

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