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La brise

Rime schema repository (Deprecated)

NOTICE: please check out /plum/, the new Rime configuration manager and input schema repository

Downstream packagers of this software, please refer to and decide whether you want to deprecate the brise or rime-data package.

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Individual packages in this collection can be released under different licenses. Please refer to their respective LICENSE files.


The Makefile builds and installs Rime data as a binary package on Unix systems.

Please check out submodule plum before building, as the Makefile simply pass through make targets to plum/Makefile.

Build dependencies

  • git
  • librime>=1.3 (for rime_deployer)
  • plum (submodule)

Run-time dependencies

  • librime>=1.3
  • opencc>=1.0.2

Build and install

The default make target uses git command line to download the latest packages from GitHub.

sudo make install

You can optionally build YAML files to binaries by setting the shell variable build_bin. To build preset packages, do

build_bin=1 make preset


We are grateful to the makers of the following open source projects:

Also to the inventors of the following input methods:

  • Cangjie / 倉頡輸入法 by 朱邦復
  • Array input method / 行列輸入法 by 廖明德
  • Wubi / 五筆字型 by 王永民
  • Scj / 快速倉頡 by 麥志洪
  • Middle Chinese Romanization / 中古漢語拼音 by 古韻


The repository is a result of collective effort. It was set up by the following people by contributing files, patches and pull-requests. See also the contributors page for a list of open-source collaborators.

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