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4 years ago
  1. Optimize block data storage interface
  2. Limit useless transactions submitting to blockchain
  3. Optimize BSON interface for MongoDB plug-in
  4. Add P2P node which synchronizing invalid block data to blacklists
  5. Fix some other issues


5 years ago
  1. Enhanced P2P functions
  2. Added some interfaces for the main net maintenance
  3. Fixed bugs


5 years ago
  1. Support dynamic voting for supernodes
  2. Add multi-signature feature
  3. Fix transaction processing exception in some specific scenarios
  4. Optimize several processing method of block explorer
  5. Fix some other issues


5 years ago

Highlight: 1、We release the package for main net service node. By which you can connect to the main net launch the service node. The package is bottos_mainnet_service_node_V3.6_update.tar.gz

ChangeLog: 1、Fix session lost while logging out 2、Add some new interfaces for Mobile Wallet and Bottos's browser 3、Fix block reward view problem


5 years ago


This is the version of the main net launch。 You can launch your own blockchain network by following Bottos ‘s guide


5 years ago

Feature Highlight: We provide a new contract language, JavaScript. Developers can use JavaScript to develop Dapps much easier.

ChangeLog: 1、Fix the problem of P2P storm in the Bottos network. 2、Optimize the ease use of SDK. 3、Support additional election algorithm for transition period.
4、Support the version upgrade for the main network. 5、Optimize resource limit.


5 years ago
  1. support writing smart contract in JavaScript
  2. optimize commands in writing smart contract in C++/C
  3. support modifying log level with BCLI
  4. support memos in transfer transactions
  5. improve memory management
  6. improve P2P security processing


5 years ago


  1. Optimize the block verification mechanism of the supernodes and some partial serialization methods.
  2. Add security detection mechanism in the p2p network, such as adding verification mode between neighbors.
  3. Add protective storage for supernode's account.
  4. Improve some functional cases of wasm virtual machine.
  5. Fix some bugs that found in TPS testing.
  6. Provide multi-VM. We add new VM in the blockchain system as to support Js language to write contract code.


5 years ago

ChangeLog: 1、Provide new message pack 2、Optimize contract management and VM memory management 3、Optimize P2P sync

Hint: The binary file "bottos" is only be used on Ubuntu currently.


5 years ago

Feature Highlights:

  1. Enhanced P2P security features
  2. Support node capability release
  3. Improve security level in Bottos WebAssembly