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[Deprecated] A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap

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Timepicker for Twitter Bootstrap

WARNING: This project is no longer maintained.

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A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap.


Please take a look at the and the issues tab for issues we're working on and their relative priorities.


This project is registered as a Bower package, and can be installed with the following command:

bower install bootstrap-timepicker

You can also download our latest release (and any previous release) here.

Demos & Documentation

View demos & documentation.


If you make money using this timepicker, please consider supporting its development.

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  1. Install NodeJS and Node Package Manager.

  2. Install packages

npm install
  1. Use Bower to get the dev dependencies.
bower install
  1. Use Grunt to run tests, compress assets, etc.
grunt test // run jshint and jasmine tests
grunt watch // run jsHint and Jasmine tests whenever a file is changed
grunt compile // minify the js and css files
  • Please make it easy on me by covering any new features or issues with Jasmine tests.
  • If your changes need documentation, please take the time to update the docs.


Thanks to everyone who have given feedback and submitted pull requests. A list of all the contributors can be found here.

Special thanks to @eternicode and his Twitter Datepicker for inspiration.

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