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"Tracks the amount of books that you've read, the ones you want to read and the progress on the ones you're reading."

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UPDATE: This repository is archived. We are no longer accepting contributions.

If you'd like to contribute to other Zero to Mastery projects, please take a look at our other open-source projects.

Book Tracker

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The Amazing Book Tracker is a web-based application created by students from the Zero To Mastery Academy.

The goal of the app is to provide users with a means to manage their book collections.

End users can record the books they've previously read, books they want to read; as well as the books they're currently reading.


Users should be able to sign up as new members by filling out a registration form.

After joining, they should be able to log in as an existing user.

Users should be able to add a book to the system.

Users should be able to place books on 3 separate lists:

  1. Books they've already read
  2. Books they want to read
  3. Books they are currently reading.

Finally, users should be able to easily navigate through these separate lists.

Getting Started


NodeJS and NPM should be installed.

Clone the repository

git clone

Install dependencies

cd book-tracker
npm install

Start development

There are 2 versions of the app, one made with vanilla JavaScript, one made with React.

React Version

To start the development server for the React version:

npm start

The frontend app will be running on localhost:3000.

JavaScript Version

All the files are located in vanilla_js_site.

Open index.html in the browser or if using VS Code the Live Server extension is recommended.


PRs Welcome

Contributions are very welcome, please view the Code of Conduct.

Add yourself to the List of Contributors and submit a pull request if you've contributed.

Working on your first Pull Request? Learn how from this in-depth series: How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details



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