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An example app providing an HTTP/REST/JSON front-end to bleve

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An example app providing an HTTP/REST/JSON front-end to bleve. It provides a REST API and an HTML interface to:

  • create/list/delete indexes
  • view index document count
  • view index mapping
  • index/delete documents
  • query indexes
  • monitor system performance

Watch a video introduction to bleve-explorer.


go build -tags full

The -tags full is optional, but includes all the optional components of bleve.


mkdir data

This will use the default "data" dir for storing indexes. Once started you can access the web UI at http://localhost:8095/


Bleve explorer uses the handlers provided by the bleve.http package. The handlers are attached to the following URLs:

  • PUT /api/{indexName} - create new index
  • GET /api/{indexName} - get index details
  • DELETE /api/{indexName} - delete index
  • GET /api - list indexes
  • PUT /api/{indexName}/{docID} - index document
  • GET /api/{indexName}/_count - count documents in index
  • GET /api/{indexName}/{docID} - return stored fields of document
  • DELETE /api/{indexName}/{docID} - delete document
  • POST /api/{indexName}/_search - search index
  • GET /api/{indexName}/_fields - list fields used by documents in index
  • GET /api/{indexName}/{docID}/_debug - return rows in index related to document

Script to load documents

In the video introduction to bleve-explorer I ran a script to load a directory of JSON documents. Here is that script:


for JsonFile in  *.json
    curl -X PUT http://localhost:8095/api/beer-search/$JsonFile -d @$JsonFile


Tabs showing operations available on an index

The monitoring capabilities

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