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Share is a web-based BIM integration environment using IFC on GitHub.

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Share is a web-based BIM & CAD integration environment from

  • Open any IFC model on github by pasting into the searchbar, or uploading from your local desktop.
  • View the model, navigate its structure and use cut planes to view inside.
  • Search the model's elements and properties.
  • Collaborate with teammates by commenting on model parts and properties (in development).
  • Share with teammates, using permalinks to model parts with exact camera views.
  • Extend our platform with your Apps. (in development)



Please join in creating Bldrs! Come chat with us at the Bldrs Discord.

If you have ideas or issues, please file them in our GitHub issues page, or mail [email protected].


If you use Bldrs for private hosting, please contribute to the Bldrs Open Collective project.


Bldrs is open source and we'd appreciate your help.

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