Bitwarden Mobile Versions Save

The mobile app vault (iOS and Android).


3 weeks ago
  • Bug fix for push token not set for all accounts
  • Bug fix for login request notifications not showing
  • Removed Gravatar support
  • Update to user experience for denied camera permissions
  • Added error state when responding to previously responded to login requests
  • Added generic exception handler

Thank you!:blue_heart: A big shout-out to the following community members for their 2023.1.0 release contributions!

Dan Alcantara

  • Add support for the Neeva app


  • Add support for Vanadium in GrapheneOS

Apple Watch

  • The Bitwarden app is now available on the Apple Watch


1 month ago
  • Updated login flow that splits username and master password into separate pages

  • Introduce username generator to mobile application and iOS extension

  • Fix for logout upon 400 error code response from API


3 months ago
  • Username Generator support
  • Setting to allow client to respond to login requests to support passwordless login
  • Bug fix for iOS application close/crash when language is set to Romanian Thank You! :blue_heart: A big shout out to the following community members for their contributions in the 2022.10.0 release! Man of the Peace
  • Fix Content Type for file upload


4 months ago
  • Bug fixes


4 months ago
  • Improvements to the Bitwarden Authenticator, including quick link to list of items and updated experience for adding authentication seeds.
  • Bug fix for saving environment URL
  • Bug fix for iOS extensions
  • Bug fix for crash when login with SSO
  • Bug fix for passphrase regeneration freeze when unsupported word separator is added


5 months ago
  • Names and descriptions of some app settings and preferences have been updated to be more intuitive.
  • Enable account switching from the share extension flow in iOS
  • Support for dark theme selection when using Default (System) theme
  • Opera GX autofill support on Android
  • Add support for iodé Browser
  • Fixes for autofill crashes


6 months ago
  • Bug fixes


6 months ago
  • Bug fixes


7 months ago
  • Rollout of organization vault filters for mobile
  • Enable account switching from the autofill app UI (iOS only)
  • Accessibility fixes to announce state of Options and accessible names for back buttons


7 months ago
  • Allow account switching from the auto-fill flow in Android so that the current active user is changed globally. iOS in active development.
  • Accessibility update to provide a bypass for hCaptcha image challenges
  • Bug fixes