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During our Connect(); event this year we presented 15 demos in Scott Guthrie’s and Scott Hanselman’s keynotes. If you missed the keynotes, you can watch the recording in Channel 9.

This year, we built the technology stack for a fictional company named BikeSharing360, which allows users to rent bikes from one location to another.

BikeSharing360 is a fictitious example of a smart bike sharing system with 10,000 bikes distributed in 650 stations located throughout New York City and Seattle. Their vision is to provide a modern and personalized experience to riders and to run their business with intelligence.

In this demo scenario, we built several apps for both the enterprise and the consumer (bike riders). You can find all other BikeSharing360 repos in the following locations:

BikeSharing360 Azure Bot Apps

BikeSharing360Bot shows how you can help your business grow and scale its customer service abilities through an intelligent bot that can understand customers and know when it might need to involve humans to help more complex issues. This application integrates Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) to help understand customer intents which then launched into appropriate business flows and promptes users with appropriate and succinct questions to gather details.



You need an Azure subscription to deploy the bot service. Try it for free. This app works with the Azure Bot Service. You can find documentation for Azure Bot Service here.

Setup the bot service

  1. Deploy CustomerServiceApis into Azure (You need a bing map service subscription to make "GetMapWithRoute" api work).
  2. Create a new Azure language understanding bot service. (How)
  3. Setup continuous integration. (How)
  4. Submit the BikeSharing360Bot code into repository.
  5. Sign into and find the application created in step 2.
  6. Click "New App"->"Import Existing Application" and choose luis\BikeSharing360Luis.json. BikeSharing360Luis will be created.
  7. Enter the "BikeSharing360Luis" app. Click "train" button on the left bottom. Then click "publish" on the left. Save the app-id and subscription-key information from the URL.
  8. Go back to the code. Open BikeSharing360LuisDialog.csx. Replace "YourModelId", "YourSubscriptionKey" with the keys you got in step 7.
  9. Submit the code.
  10. Now, you can publish the bot (How) and test it.

How to sign up for Microsoft Azure

You need an Azure account to work with this demo code. You can:

  • Open an Azure account for free Azure subscription. You get credits that can be used to try out paid Azure services. Even after the credits are used up, you can keep the account and use free Azure services and features, such as the Web Apps feature in Azure App Service.
  • Activate Visual Studio subscriber benefits. Your Visual Studio subscription gives you credits every month that you can use for paid Azure services.
  • Not a Visual Studio subscriber? Get a $25 monthly Azure credit by joining Visual Studio Dev Essentials.

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  • Code and documentation copyright 2016 Microsoft Corp. Code released under the MIT license.

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