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:bookmark_tabs: A better OneTab for Chrome :memo: Temporarily removed from firefox :construction: V2 is WIP

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A better onetab extension

More beautiful and more feature.


Send us a feature request.

  • Basic feature of OneTab
  • Popup page with simple list
  • Pin tab list
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Options
  • Drag and drop re-ordering
  • Data & Options sync
  • Import & Export
  • Add stored tabs to history
  • I18N support (only English & Chinese currently)

More details in changelog

Next step

You can learn more about the next step of better onetab at project page and leave your comment in issues page.


Install from Google Extension Store

Install from Firefox Add-ons (not optimized)

Download the released .crx file in releases page and drag it to chrome extensions page.

Build your own from following steps:


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install dependencies (use yarn command)
  3. Auto reload (use yarn dev command)
  4. Click LOAD UNPACKED button and select ./dist path
  5. Build (use yarn build command)


It took me a lot of time to develop Better Onetab and need to pay for the sync server every month. If my work helps you, you can donate it in the following way.

  • PayPal
  • DigitalOcean Invitation Link
  • BTC 1ABQECfxBGLvjZqaxTm1io3CFPbKhMaSQ1
  • ETH 0x43D361928BF8f0a58c977b152dabfF47f68c6767
  • BCC qpqe7kcrc6lhwltd536j26j8gyk4ws3f3uehj5tql8

Especially thanks

Thanks for @Yasujizr helped this project design new logo and banners.



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