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An implementation of Python 3

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Berp, an implementation of Python 3

Berp is distributed as open source software under the terms of the BSD License (see the file LICENSE in the top directory).

Author: Bernie Pope, copyright 2009, 2010.

Contact information

Email Bernie Pope: florbitous <at> gmail <dot> com

Building and installing

Berp uses the cabal infrastructure for configuring, building and installation.

To configure:

cabal configure

To build:

cabal build

To install:

cabal install

To clean:

cabal clean


Berp uses shelltestrunner for regression testing. Tests can be run like so:

make test

Shelltestrunner can be installed from Hackage:

cabal install shelltestrunner

Don't worry if some tests fail.

Directory structure

---- src
     |---- include                 # C header files
     |---- Berp
           |---- Base              # runtime primitives 
           |     |
           |     |---- Builtins    # implementation of Python's builtins
           |     |
           |     |---- StdTypes    # standard Python classes
           |---- Compile           # translator from Python to Haskell
           |---- Interpreter       # interface to the GHC API

---- test
     |---- regression              # regression tests
           |---- features          # tests for specific language features
           |---- programs          # Python programs
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