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Compilation of useful documents and scientific papers about Blockchain & cryptocurrencies.

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency Library:

Collection of useful documents about Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technologies and distributed system.

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Blockchain Books

Blockchain By Example =>

Intro to consensus mechanisms
Excellent serie of Bitcoin article for developers

Academic publications about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

Evolution of Smart Contract Security in the Ethereum Ecosystem

A list of Ethereum events :

A list of Smart contracts Platforms:

ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain

All about Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Ethereum forum for researchers


Byzantine Paxos

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Ethereum conferences Beigepaper A rewrite of the Yellowpaper in non-Yellowpaper syntax.

A curated list of awesome Ethereum security references

Azure Blockchain hands-on lab step-by-step

Principles of Distributed Computing (lecture collection)

Analyzing Cryptocurrency Markets Using Python

Gekko Define your own trading strategy and Gekko will take care of everything else.*

OSTIA : Ostia is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to run algorithmic trading strategies across all major exchanges*

market arbitrage

Prediction: Bitcoin Price Variation

Predicting Bitcoin Price Variations using Bayesian Regression

Cryptocurrency Analysis with Python

Blackbird Bitcoin Arbitrage: a C++ trading system*

Cuckoo Cycle the first graph-theoretic proof-of-work

DeOS Decentralized Operating System

Tribeca A high frequency, market making cryptocurrency trading platform in node.js

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