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BBScan 2.0

BBScan 是一个高并发、轻量级的信息泄露扫描工具。

它可以在短时间内完成数十万目标的扫描,帮助渗透工程师从大量无标签的主机中,定位到可能存在弱点的目标,进行下一步半自动化测试,或者是开启重量级扫描器。 它可以作为一个轻量级插件,集成到自动化扫描系统中。


BBScan is a fast and light weighted information disclosure vulnerabilitiy scanner.

Scan thousands of targets can be done in serveral minutes,which can help pentesters filter possible vulnerable hosts from large number of unlabeled targets. It can be integrated as a scan component in other scanner projects.

安装 Install

Require python3.6+

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

使用 Usage

  • 从文件导入目标 Import urls from file
python -f urls.txt
  • 指定多个规则 Enable specified rules only
python --rule git_and_svn -f urls.txt

参数 Parameters


  --host [HOST [HOST ...]]
                        Scan several hosts from command line
  -f TargetFile         Load new line delimited targets from TargetFile
  -d TargetDirectory    Load all *.txt files from TargetDirectory
  --crawler CrawlDirectory
                        Load all *.log crawl files from CrawlDirectory
  --network MASK        Scan all Target/MASK neighbour hosts,
                        should be an integer between 8 and 31


  --rule [RuleFileName [RuleFileName ...]]
                        Import specified rule files only.
  -n, --no-crawl        No crawling, sub folders will not be processed
  -nn, --no-check404    No HTTP 404 existence check
  --full                Process all sub directories

Scripts SCAN:

  --scripts-only        Scan with user scripts only
  --script [ScriptName [ScriptName ...]]
                        Execute specified scripts only
  --no-scripts          Disable all scripts


  -p PROCESS            Num of processes running concurrently, 30 by default
  -t THREADS            Num of scan threads for each scan process, 3 by default


  --proxy Proxy         Set HTTP proxy server
  --timeout Timeout     Max scan minutes for each target, 10 by default
  -md                   Save scan report as markdown format
  --save-ports PortsDataFile
                        Save open ports to PortsDataFile
  --debug               Show verbose debug info
  -nnn, --no-browser    Do not open web browser to view report
  -v                    show program's version number and exit
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