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Command line utility to convert bayer grid data to rgb data. Integrates with ImageMagick.

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WARNING: Would not recommend this project for anything, it is greater than 13 years old at this point and not maintained. I am sure you can find better projects out there doing essentially the same thing, e.g. OpenCV can demosaic raw data. I plan to post some updates just because I wish to toy with cmake and github actions and this felt like a good dummy project in which to do that. Just becuase there are some recent commits does not mean this is a maintained project :) -- Jeff circa 2021

bayer2rgb will convert naked (no header) bayer grid data into rgb data. There are several choices of interpolation . It can output tiff files, and can integrate with ImageMagick to output other formats.

The bayer.c was borrowed from the libdc1394 project [1], it is licensed under LGPL. The interpolation algorithms used are described at [3].

This is an implementation of the idea I stumbled upon on ImageMagick's mailing list while searching for a bayer grid converter. The thread can be found at [2].


mkdir build/ && cd build/
cmake ..  -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cmake --build . --config Release
ctest --verbose


cp delegates.xml ~/.config/ImageMagick/


usage: ./bayer2rgb
   --input,-i     input file
   --output,-o    output file
   --width,-w     image width (pixels)
   --height,-v    image height (pixels)
   --bpp,-b       bits per pixel
   --first,-f     first pixel color: RGGB, GBRG, GRBG, BGGR
   --method,-m    interpolation method: NEAREST, SIMPLE, BILINEAR, HQLINEAR, DOWNSAMPLE, EDGESENSE, VNG, AHD
   --tiff,-t      add a tiff header
   --swap,-s      if bpp == 16, swap byte order before conversion
   --help,-h      this helpful message

ImageMagick Integration

A delegates.xml file is included. Add the entries from it to your delegates.xml and you should be able to do:

convert -size 1328x498 -depth 8 RGGB_BAYER:./tests/SV0030.RAW ./SV0030.jpg

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