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Band.js - Music composer interface for the Web Audio API.


8 years ago
  • Added ability to change tempo of a song after it's been loaded and also while it's playing. Fixes #16
  • Changed Conductor.setOnFinished() to Conductor.setOnFinishedCallback() to fit current API.
  • Changed createSound() to createNote() for instrument packs. It fits more into the nomenclature of the app.
  • Added ability to change buffer length of notes. Probably not a good idea to play around with this.
  • Updated with missing API.
  • Cleaned up some variable names.


8 years ago
  • Fixing a bug where after a song is faded, you can't change the master volume.


8 years ago
  • Using 'linearRampToValueAtTime' fade rather than requestAnimationFrame() - fixes #3
  • Removing requestAnimationFrame all together so music will loop while browser is in the background - fixes #21


8 years ago
  • No long need to call finish() on each instrument.
  • BandJS.end() has been renamed to BandJS.finish() and it now returns an instiated Player class.
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Coverted library into Browserify structure. Should now be more friendly when using with NodeJS.
  • Updated examples and added a new JSON Load example.


8 years ago
  • Updating to version 0.3.1 — Cody Lundquist • 995c4bc
  • Fixed an issue with calling stop more than once on a node. Also removed all forEach's in favour of using while loops. — Cody Lundquist • 6c1eae6
  • Allow positve, float pitches as valid 'notes'. — Gregg Lind • 65708bd
  • Reset totalDuration on destroy — Edgars Beigarts • a2fe542
  • Add #destroy documentation — Edgars Beigarts • da44183
  • Clear all the notes function — Edgars Beigarts • d437cf0


9 years ago
  • Bumping up the version number to 0.3.0. — Cody Lundquist • 67f86da
  • Fixing up the example song layout. — Cody Lundquist • 1f6bb11
  • Removed clipping as well as made each individual note have it's own volume so an instrument can have different volumes throughout the song. — Cody Lundquist • c4ac51a
  • Updating the build JS — Cody Lundquist • 21ef993
  • Updating the example interface. Still needs work to make it look better. — Cody Lundquist • 77c82aa
  • fix mistake — henteko • 3b3971e
  • Buffering of notes has been introduced to reduce RAM usage and allow for an unlimited number of notes. — Cody Lundquist • 10265ea
  • Got a good start, but need to introduce the throttling. May require significant rewrites. — Cody Lundquist • 834f11f
  • Put in the ability to seek time and start a song anywhere in the timeline. I've also put in requestAnimationFrame rather than setTimeout(). Plus some other bug fixes and code improvements. — Cody Lundquist • d11a5e5
  • 0.2.1

    9 years ago


    9 years ago