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Naming and shaming companies who kowtow to Chinese censorship requests

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

- Edmund Burke


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This is a comprehensive repository for many, if not all, topics related to Hong Kong, and in addition, this repository contains a detailed list of western companies who bend to Chinese will and censor themselves or others in order to appease the CCP.

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How to help Hong Kong protests from abroad

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Below is a list of ways to help Hong Kong from abroad. Currently, the list is being updated with this [Reddit thread]

Please feel free to request to add or remove entities from this list.

GENERAL - anyone can sign the petitions below (no citizenship pre-requisite)

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1.1 Petition United Nations to Condemn Hong Kong Police for Excessive Use of Force and Call for an Independent Inquiry [Petition United Nation]

1.2 Request International Court of Justice to Investigate Excessive Force of Hong Kong Police [Petition International Court of Justice]

1.3 Cancel or postpone your trip to Hong Kong until the HK government meets all 5 Main Demands of the protesters. Do not give your money to Carrie Lam's government.

1.4 Support RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) editorial independence [Petition for Editorial Independence]

1.5 Join [#Eye4HK] Campaign]

1.6 Revoke Carrie Lam's Legion of Honor Award (France) [Petition Grand Master of the Legion]

1.7 Setup [Lennon Wall] (Post-it/Memo stickers) in your community

1.8 Join and support your local #StandwithHongKong rallies. [Global events/rallies near you]

1.9 Petition Amnesty for July 1st Legco Building Protesters [Petition Amnesty for Legco Protesters]

1.10 Raise awareness of the Hong Kong protest. Spread the word to your friends, family, schoolmates, pray for Hong Kong with church, etc...

1.11 Join [r/HongKong] subscribe, like, thumbsup, follow, share pro-Democracy Hong Kong social media or channels

#StandWithHongKong #Eye4HK #NoChinaExtradition #antiELAB #SOSHK #反送中 #FreeHongKong #StandwithHK #HKLastwords #SaveHongKong #HongKongProtest #DemocracyNow #NoExtraditionToChina #Shout4HK #Mask4HK #BoycottBlizzard

1.12 Make Meme, posters, videos, drawings, sing a song to express your solidarity with Hong Kongers

1.13 Petition to terminate franchise Starbucks to Maxim's in Hong Kong [ Starbucks]


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2.1 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund [Legal Aid]

2.2 Hong Kong Free Press [Not-for-Profit News]

2.3 The Stand News [Not-for-Profit News, Cantonese]

2.4 Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute [Independent Research]

2.5 ~~[HK Protect] Helped supply protective gears to HK protesters~~ (Temporary closed as at Aug 29th)

2.6 SparkAlliance [Legal Aid] (Click on FB "See Translation")

2.7 Hong Kong Citizen News [Not-for-Profit News, Cantonese]

2.8 A team of Hong Kong Volunteer Medics crowdfunding [image] for first aid supplies, saline water to wash eyes from tear gas, helmets, gas mask filters, etc... [check out the Update tab]

2.9 Sue the Abuser [crowdfunding] (accepts PayPal/Credit Card) [News Article]

2.10 Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegations (HKIAD) lobbies international governments. An example: lobby US Congress to pass the HK Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019. [Crowdfunding]

2.11 How to send protective gears to Hong Kong front line protesters via a US contact [Click for further information]

2.12 Giving away free #StandwithHongKong T-shirts at [Blizzcon 2019], Los Angeles Oct 31 - Nov 2 [Crowdfunding]


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3.1 Write to US Congress (Senators and Representatives)

[Find your representative]

[How to correspond Senators]

3.2 Ask Your US Representatives to Co-Sponsor the [Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019]

3.3 [Call your representative] and tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong, the excessive amounts tear gas used, some of which are expired, releases dangerous levels of hydrogen cyanide that could literally kill a person, which qualifies as chemical weapons, a flagrant violation of international law. Please support the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019 by passing the [House Bill H.R. 3289] / [Senate Bill S.1838] and review/revoke the United States - Hong Kong Policy Act 1992. It's in the interest of leaders who value democracy, international laws, human rights, to stand up for those who don't have the same freedoms we have. Thank you.

3.4 Impose Global Magnitsky Act sanctions against Chinese officials [Petition Global Magnitsky Act]

3.5 Petition 12 US Congress leaders to support the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act [Pass the Act S.1838/H.R.3289]

3.6 Ask Your US Representatives to Co-Sponsor the Protect Hong Kong Act of 2019 [H.R. 4270] to place restrictions on teargas exports and crowd control technology to Hong Kong


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4.1 [Write] or [Email] your [local Member of Parliament] (UK)

4.2 [Petition UK] to Uphold the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration

4.3 [Petition Liz Truss from Department of International Trade and Dominic Raab from Foreign and Commonwealth Office] to Stand up for Human Rights in Hong Kong


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5.1 Write to your [Members of Parliament] (CAN)

5.2 Stand up for Hong Kong and [petition] to Canadian MPs and Federal Elections Candidates (Deadline: Oct 20th)

5.3 #BoycottBlizzard if you are a Canadian player, instead of just deleting your account, [you should request PIPEDA] (Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act) and if they do not comply within 30 days, you can complaint to the Canada's Federal Privacy Commissioner


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6.1 Write to your [Senators and Members of Parliament] (AUS)

6.2 [Australian Taxpayers' Alliance Campaign] to save Hong Kong

6.3 Expel the Chinese Consul General in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia [Dear Australian Prime Minister]

6.4 Impose Sanctions on Persons Found to be Suppressing Human Rights in Hong Kong [Petition Australian Senate]

6.5 Petition Australian House of Representative to bring the true condition of Hong Kong’s predicament to the United Nations Human Rights Council [Petition EN1029] (Dateline: Oct 9th)

6.6 Petition Australia to add Human Rights clauses to the Australia - Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement [Petition E1032] (Dateline: Oct 9th)

6.7 Petition Australia to grant asylums to Hong Kongers [Petition EN1022] (Dateline: Oct 9th)


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7.1 Write to your [Members of Parliament] (NZ)


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8.1 Write to Your [Members of European Parliament] (EU)

8.2 Petition to Jean Yves Le Drian, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic calling for concrete actions against China to respect Hong Kong’s autonomy to prevent a humanitarian crisis [Petition to Jean Yves Le Drian]

8.3 #BoycottBlizzard if you are an EU player, instead of just deleting your account, [you should request GDPR] (General Data Protection Regulations) and if they do not comply within 30 days, they will have to pay a hefty fine of 4% of Global Annual Turnover of Blizzard.


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9.1 Speak out but be anonymous. Let other Chinese, Hong Kong people, the world know that there are Chinese or Mainland Chinese who do supports the Hong Kong protest.


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10.1 Switzerland Write to your [local representatives]

10.2 Japan Write to your local representatives and councilors in [English] or [Japanese]

10.3 Petition Japanese parliamentarians to introduce a Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Bill in Japan [Petition Japan]

Past Achievements

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100k+ signatories : Petition White House to nominate Hong Kong Protesters for Nobel Peace Prize 2020

100k+ signatories : Petition White House to suspend crowd control equipment exports to Hong Kong

100k+ signatories : Petition White House to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

HKD 3m+ raised for Hong Kong Journalist Association Protection Fund

HKD 200k+ raised for [Lady Liberty Hong Kong] (Statue) [3DPrint Your Own #LadyLibertyHK] (free 3D file included)

100k+ signatories : [Sanction Hong Kong government for its State Terrorism conducted in Prince Edward train station]

100k+ signatories : [Reject nomination of Andy Tsang (former Police Chief of HK) for positions in United Nations]

HKD 8m+ raised for [advertisements in major newspapers around the world People's Republic of China's 70th Anniversary]

Petition to the Canadian government [e-2268] sponsored by MP Michael Chong (Closed upon dissolution)

Serena Lee's petition to address the violation of human rights in Hong Kong : Stand with [Serena Lee]

100k+ signatories : [Petition UK to give full British Citizenship to British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders]

HKD1.8m+ raised [催淚之城 The City of Tears] Documentary of Hong Kong, Summer of 2019 (Goal achieved

USD40k+ raised [Giving away free Stand with Hong Kong T-shirts at NBA Opening Night]

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