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:musical_note: Rips MP3 files from Bandcamp album URL's

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Bandcamp Ripper

You put in a Bandcamp album URL. This spits out MP3 files.

It is unethical to use this program without express permission from the artist. If you like the music, you should support the musician!


$ python <bandcamp album URL>

For example...

$ python

The Bandcamp Ripper

Downloading MP3's from Vanilla - Origin...
[✓] Past, Present & Future (Intro)
[✓] Dreamcatcher
[✓] Arrow
[✓] Nana
[✓] Footsteps
[✓] All In My Mind
[✓] Golden
[✓] Summer
[✓] Whispering
[✓] Origin
[✓] Traveller
[✓] Swept Away
[✓] Sunrise
[✓] Fuji
[✓] Rainy Day
[✓] Gigi
[✓] That Dream Again

Download complete!
Thanks for using Bandcamp Ripper.

All the files are then organized numerically and neatly downloaded into a nice little folder

Demo image

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