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Have you encountered weird errors in React Native when trying to use babel-preset-react-native and babel-preset-stage-0 together? Are you generally just confused and frustrating by how hard it is to use the latest and greatest Babel features on RN? This preset is for you!


npm install babel-preset-react-native-stage-0 --save


Just add a .babelrc file to your React Native project that looks like this:

  "presets": ["react-native-stage-0"]

Do you want/need experimental legacy decorator support (provided by babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy)? Use this as your .babelrc instead:

  "presets": ["react-native-stage-0/decorator-support"]


Q: I added stage-0 to my "presets" list, and now everything is broken!

A: Don't do that! This preset supersedes the need for including the stage-0 preset, and works properly with React Native.

Q: I changed my .babelrc to the above, but I'm still getting strange Babel errors!

A: Have you cleared your packager cache? Run the following:

watchman watch-del-all
[the command you use to start the packager] --reset-cache

If things are still broken, open an issue and I'll try to help you. I may say "not a problem with this preset", and make you go open an issue on the react-native repo. Don't be mad at me if I do that!

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