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Azure Powershell code samples, often used in developer documentation

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page_type: sample description: "A collection of Azure PowerShell code samples used in Microsoft's official Azure PowerShell Documentation." languages:

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Sample code for Azure PowerShell documentation

This repository contains Azure PowerShell code featured in Microsoft's official Azure PowerShell documentation.


Azure PowerShell samples for the following services and/or technologies are available in this repo.

API Management
App Service
Application Gateway
Application Management
Application Proxy
Azure Arc for Servers
Azure Migrate
Azure Portal
Container Registry
Cosmos DB
Data Factory
DevTest Labs
Event Grid
Load Balancer
Log Analytics
Maintenance Auto Scheduler
Managed Applications
Network Watcher
Notification Hubs
Service Fabric
Site Recovery
SQL Database
SQL Server on Virtual Machines
Traffic Manager
Virtual Machine Scale Sets
Virtual Machines
Virtual Network


Note: this repository is only for Azure PowerShell code samples that reside in Microsoft's official Azure PowerShell documentation on

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The MIT License applies to the code contained in this repo. For more information, see LICENSE.

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