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Visual Studio Code Deno extension

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The project is no longer maintained. move to official extension

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Visual Studio Code Deno extension

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Adds Deno support for the Visual Studio Code.



Full intellisense support

Deno Support

Intelligent module import


Supports importing ECMAScript modules


Diagnostics and quick fixes


Optional use of Deno's built in formatting


Client/Server model with LSP

The extension separates Client/Server with LSP

This means that complicated problems are handled on the server-side

The extension won't block your Visual Studio Code


Supports `Import Maps` for Deno


External type definitions

The extension supports the following ways to load external declaration files

These are all supported by Deno

  1. Compiler hint
// @deno-types="./foo.d.ts"
import { foo } from "./foo.js";

see example

  1. Triple-slash reference directive
/// <reference types="" />

import { format } from "";

format(new Date(), "yyyy/MM/DD");

see example

  1. X-TypeScript-Types custom header
import { array } from "";

const M = array.getMonoid<number>();
console.log("concat Array", M.concat([1, 2], [2, 3]));
Deno version manager integration

Investigating integration into the extension

We recommend you using dvm for the manager Deno version.


  1. Download and enable the extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace

  2. Enable Deno for your project:

    Create a file .vscode/settings.json in your project folder:

    // .vscode/settings.json
      "deno.enable": true,
  3. Enjoy!


  • deno.enable - Enable extension. Default is false

  • deno.import_map - The file paths of Import Map. Default is null

  • deno.unstable - If Deno's unstable mode is enabled. Default is false

We recommend that you do not set global configuration. It should be configured in .vscode/settings.json in the project directory:

// .vscode/settings.json
  "deno.enable": true,
  "deno.import_map": "./path/to/import_map.json",
  "deno.unstable": false,

This extension also provides Deno's formatting tools, settings are in .vscode/settings.json:

// .vscode/settings.json
  "[typescript]": {
    "editor.defaultFormatter": "axetroy.vscode-deno",
  "[typescriptreact]": {
    "editor.defaultFormatter": "axetroy.vscode-deno",


Follow these steps to contribute, the community needs your strength.

  1. Fork project

  2. Clone onto your computer:

    $ git clone
    $ cd vscode-deno
    $ yarn # or npm install
  3. Disable extension in Visual Studio Code if you have extension before

  4. Start debug extension

    Open Visual Studio Code, find the Run item in the sidebar and then run Launch Client task.

    Wait for Visual Studio Code debugger to open a new window

  5. Try updating Visual Studio Code and restart the debugger

  6. Finally, push to your fork and send a PR


This project was originally a fork of justjavac/vscode-deno, Thanks for their contributions.


The MIT License

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