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OmniGraffle stencils for Amazon Web Services

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If use OmniGraffle and AWS - these stencils are for you.

Omnigraffle compatible versions of the AWS simple icons.

20.04.30 Icons

Light background icons have been converted. Created using AWS-Architecture-Icons_EPS_20200430

18.02.22 Icons

Created using: PNG,+SVG,

Using the stencils

There are two ways to install stencils into Omnigraffle (thanks to @voxpelli for pointing out I don't include instructions on how to use the stencil files.)

Installing a stencil

  1. Double click on the stencil file, it will open in Omnigraffle
  2. You can then move the stencil to make it available for future use

Installing all the stencils

  1. Use terminal to open the Omnigraffle stencil directory in Finder (for Omnigraffle 7.x) open $HOME/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniGraffle7.MacAppStore/Data/Library/Application\ Support/The\ Omni\ Group/OmniGraffle/Stencils
  2. Create a directory called AWS or whatever works for you.
  3. Copy the stencil files corresponding to the version of the icons you want to use into the AWS folder you just created
  4. Open Omnigraffle and create awesome diagrams using the AWS Architecture Icons ;-)

Any problems, ommissions ot suggestions then feel free to either raise an issue or better yet, fork the repo, make the change and open a PR.

Creating stencil files

Converting Icons (OSX)

Installing Dependencies

brew install xpdf
brew install --cask mactex

Then install the Ghostscript package from MacTex packages


Download the latest AWS icons from AWS simple icons, unzip the file and then replace all instances of & with and in directories and filenames, then run :

./ ~/Downloads/AWS-Architecture-Icons_EPS_20200430/EPS\ Light 20.04.30

Time passes....

For images where there is no meta data you will need to update the meta.txt with the additional information.


Massive thanks to azuenko for the automation magic ;-)

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