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Native Android client for the Something Awful forums

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Awful is an unofficial viewer for the SomethingAwful forums on Android platforms. Come check out the Awful forum thread!

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Want to help? Come join us in the development and beta testing thread, and join the beta testing program.

Or take a look at our issues and set up your own fork to quash some bugs!

  1. Download and install Android Studio.
  2. Fork Awful.apk on Github.
  3. Download your fork's Git repository and open the project in Android Studio.
    • Quick way: from the welcome screen, choose Get from VCS and enter the Github URL for your new fork.
  4. Create your own google-services.json.
    1. Create your own Firebase project for Awful.
    2. Add an Android app to your Firebase project.
    3. For Android package name, enter com.ferg.awfulapp.debug.
    4. Download the google-services.json config file.
    5. Place google-services.json in the inner /Awful.apk/ folder.
  5. (Optional) If you'd like to be able to upload images to Imgur:
    1. Register a new application for the Imgur API.
    2. Create the file secrets.xml in /Awful.apk/src/main/res/values/.
    3. Place the client ID in secrets.xml, like so:
<?xml version=1.0 encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="imgur_api_client_id">YOUR_CLIENT_ID</string>
  1. Build > Make Project should run without any issues!

Further questions or problems? Please let us know in the dev thread.

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