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Collection of the cheat sheets useful for pentesting

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Awesome Pentest Cheat Sheets Awesome

Collection of cheat sheets useful for pentesting


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Security Talks and Videos



  • Google Dorks - Google Dorks Hacking Database (Exploit-DB)
  • Shodan - Shodan is a search engine for finding specific devices, and device types, that exist online



Privilege Escalation

Learn Privilege Escalation

Linux Privilege Escalation

  • Basic Linux Privilege Escalation - Linux Privilege Escalation by @g0tmi1k
  • - Linux privilege escalation auditing tool written in bash (updated)
  • - Linux Exploit Suggester written in Perl (last update 3 years ago)
  • v2 - Next-generation exploit suggester based on Linux_Exploit_Suggester (updated)
  • Linux Soft Exploit Suggester - linux-soft-exploit-suggester finds exploits for all vulnerable software in a system helping with the privilege escalation. It focuses on software packages instead of Kernel vulnerabilities
  • - bash script to check the properties of executables (like PIE, RELRO, PaX, Canaries, ASLR, Fortify Source)
  • - This script is intended to be executed locally on a Linux box to enumerate basic system info and search for common privilege escalation vectors such as world writable files, misconfigurations, clear-text passwords and applicable exploits (@SecuritySift)
  • LinEnum - This tool is great at running through a heap of things you should check on a Linux system in the post exploit process. This include file permissions, cron jobs if visible, weak credentials etc.(@Rebootuser)
  • linPEAS - LinPEAS - Linux Privilege Escalation Awesome Script. Check the Local Linux Privilege Escalation checklist from

Windows Privilege Escalation

  • PowerUp - Excellent powershell script for checking of common Windows privilege escalation vectors. Written by harmj0y (direct link)
  • PowerUp Cheat Sheet
  • Windows Exploit Suggester - Tool for detection of missing security patches on the windows operating system and mapping with the public available exploits
  • Sherlock - PowerShell script to quickly find missing software patches for local privilege escalation vulnerabilities
  • Watson - Enumerate missing KBs and suggest exploits for useful Privilege Escalation vulnerabilities
  • Precompiled Windows Exploits - Collection of precompiled Windows exploits
  • Metasploit Modules
    • post/multi/recon/local_exploit_suggester - suggests local meterpreter exploits that can be used
    • post/windows/gather/enum_patches - helps to identify any missing patches


Tools Online



  • Fuzzdb - Dictionary of attack patterns and primitives for black-box application testing Polyglot Challenge with submitted solutions
  • SecList - A collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments. List types include usernames, passwords, URLs, sensitive data grep strings, fuzzing payloads, and many more



Learning Platforms



Wireless Hacking


  • wifite2 - Full authomated WiFi security testing script

Defence Topics


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