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awesome-npx Awesome

🌟 packages and resources that work really well with 🕶

✨ npx itself is awesome

npx lets you execute npm package binaries without installing them. npx is the last thing you need to globally install: > npm i -g npx (this command also updates npx)

Now you can execute tools from npm packages without having to install them globally:

> npx cowsay wow
npx: installed 1 in 1.413s
< wow >
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||

you can even use npx to view this list of awesome-npx tools:

> npx awesome-npx

📦 packages which work well with npx:

🛠 useful

alex - check text or markdown documents for insensitive or inconsiderate writing

npx alex cat | npx alex

decode-zhuyin - decode Chinese word to Zhuyin password

npx decode-zhuyin <text>

goops - add gitignore rules heuristically based on files in your current directory

npx goops

http-server - run a static web server in your current directory

npx http-server

json-server - run a mock REST API server with JSON-based response configuration

npx json-server

NodeSchool Workshoppers - Learn something new!

npx learnyounode npx how-to-npm npx git-it npx elementary-electron

okimdone - execute a long-running command and be told out loud when it's done

npx okimdone npm install

pa11y - check websites for accessibility issues

npx pa11y

shx - portable shell commands like ls, cp, rm

npx shx ls npx shx rm -rf /tmp

strip-ansi-cli - remove terminal color codes from piped text

echo -e "\033[33m hello" | npx strip-ansi-cli

🐢🚀 node.js development

dist-upgrade - install the latest global node and npm

npx dist-upgrade

npm-check - interactively update npm dependencies

npx npm-check npx npm-check --skip-unused --update

nsp - scan your npm project for vulnerabilities and security alerts

npx nsp check

snyk - scan for vulnerabilities in your project and its dependencies and even fix them (requires account with service)

npx snyk test npx snyk monitor

sort-package-json - sort your package.json keys

npx sort-package-json

😺 fun

benny-hill - plays benny-hill theme music while a command is running

npx benny-hill npm test

cowsay - adds cow ascii art to your special message

npx cowsay <text>

figlet-cli - the classic multi-line ascii text generator, with font support

npx figlet-cli <text>

lolcatjs - colorful rainbow text from a file or stdin

echo hello | npx lolcatjs --animate cat /dev/urandom | base64 | npx lolcatjs

qrip - generate QR codes in your terminal

npx qrip npx qrip "$(npm info qrip homepage)"

workin-hard - a clone of

npx workin-hard

📰 articles and resources

📇 etc

Please read the and docs. Everything in this repo is licensed CC0-1.0 unless otherwise noted. Thank you for being awesome!

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