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:squirrel: A curated list of awesome Liferay docs, libraries, blogs and other resources.

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Useful resources for working with Liferay

Inspired by the awesome list thing.


A curated list of awesome Liferay 7.x and DXP docs, libraries, blogs and other resources.

Getting started

  • Part 1 - Liferay 7, specifications and requirements
  • Part 2 - Gradle, Blade, and project structure
  • Part 3 - Building a API
  • Part 4 - Service implementation
  • Part 5 - Portlet configurations and deployment


Userful posts



  • Liferay Portal - A powerful platform for building enterprise websites and apps
  • Liferay DXP
  • Liferay IDE - Development environment based on Eclipse for building modules on the Liferay Platform.
  • Liferay Connected Services - Online platform that offers a set of tools and services that will help our customers succeed on their Liferay projects.


  • AlloyUI - A library of scalable UI components built on Bootstrap and YUI.
  • AlloyEditor - Modern content editor that improves the experience for creating web content.
  • Clay - A web implementation of the Lexicon Experience Design Language
  • Lexicon - An Experience Design Language created with the aim of providing a common framework for building interfaces
  • MetalJS - Modern framework for building beautiful and flexible UI components.
  • SennaJS - SPA (Single page application engine) that increases site performance and page navigation.



  • DXP Cloud - Enterprise PaaS Tailored for Liferay DXP.
  • Liferay Marketplace - The hub for sharing, selling and downloading Liferay Portal apps.


Frontend Samples

Tips and Tricks


  • Blade CLI - A command line java tool that can be used to help bootstrap Liferay 7 module development.

  • Liferay OSGi Watch - Watcher utility to help when developing on Liferay 7.x

  • Lessteps - Some useful commands for Liferay 7.x/DXP developers

  • Dummy Factory Dummy data generator for Liferay 7.x

  • Damascus Service Builder based CRUD generator for Lifeary 7.x

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Blogs and Community


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