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List of resources for learning about events, patterns, and using Amazon EventBridge

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Awesome EventBridge 🚀

A handy list of resources for getting up to speed on events, patterns, and using Amazon EventBridge.

Contributions welcome!

Inspired by Awesome DynamoDB

Table of Contents


Written resources


  • evb-cli - Pattern generator and debugging tool for Amazon EventBridge. Browser targets of events, generate diagrams, generate code bindings and much more. All from the CLI.

  • cdk-eventbridge-socket - CDK construct that creates a WebSocket endpoint for you for any EventBridge rule you are interested in. (Built for debugging + testing )

  • sls-dev-tools - Dev Tools for the Serverless World. Another great CLI tool for serverless support and EventBridge!

  • EventBridge Atlas - Document, Discover and Share Amazon EventBridge Schemas. Transforms your schemas into documentation.

  • EventBridge Canon - Simple UI to Publish, Save and Share AWS EventBridge Events. Think Postman but for EventBridge.

  • sls-test-tools - Custom Jest Assertions for Serverless integration testing. Test your EventBridge integration with these awesome jest tools. Check if events are raised and the payloads of them.

  • serverless-offline-eventbridge - serverless offline plugin that enables eventBridge events

  • Typebridge - TypeScript toolbox for EventBridge.

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