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Awesome Design focuses on collecting high quality resources and tools which can be used by UI/UX designers in daily work. Thanks to the community, the repo keeps being updated continuously from people around the world who provide amazing resources. Don't hesitate to open an issue or create pull request to share your intelligence.


What should I do with the curated resources?

People, including developers, designers, scientists and others, create awesome things every single day. To be honest, we who are not superheroes, can't know all best things from the world. So, for saving your time, i suggest you to pick those you like, take benefits from them, and finally put it into your kit. :smile:


Get things done



  • Albumarium "The best place to find & share beautiful images."
  • The Stocks "The best royalty free stock photos are delivered now along with videos, audios, icons, fonts and colors."
  • Polayoutu is community of photographers based in China who contribute photos under the Creative Common Zero License. 🌟
  • Illusion
  • Baubauhaus feed your daily need of design, illustration, photography, fashion and of all else art-related.
  • 500px over 15 million photographers from 195 countries. 🌟
  • 1x Shop wall art by 16000+ Curated Artists. 🌟
  • LIFE OF PIX Free high-resolution photos, no copyrights restrictions for personal and commercial use.
  • Unsplash
  • Stokpic
  • Raumrot
  • Death to Stock
  • Gratisography "The world’s quirkiest collection of high-resolution free stock images."
  • picjumbo Download free stock photos, backgrounds and images in high‑resolution for personal and commercial use.
  • Magdeleine Hand-picked free photos for your inspiration.
  • Pexels "The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators."
  • imcreator
  • Startup Stock Photos Free photos for startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, creators, & everyone else.
  • New Old Stock Photos Vintage photos from the public archives, free of known copyright restrictions. recapturing history.
  • Realistics Shots Free stock photos (high resolution) for personal and commercial use. 7 new photos every week.
  • SplitShire Free stock photos for commercial use.
  • FancyCrave Free travel photos for commercial use.
  • LIBRESHOT Free fine art and ordinary photography. Free images for blogs or websites even for commercial use. No need to mention the author.
  • BARNIMAGES Free high-resolution images for everyone.
  • MMT Free photos and videos for commercial use.
  • JAY MANTRI free pics. do anything(CC0). make magic.
  • FoodiesFeed is a resource of awesome naturally looking food photos that are completely free to download.
  • Little Visuals
  • Bucketlistly Blog A free creative commons (Attribution-NonCommercial) collection of over 8000+ travel photos from all over the world anyone can use.
  • Pinterest is a social media web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web. 🌟
  • pixabay Over 1 million+ high quality stock images and videos shared by our talented community.
  • depositphotos Over 100 million high-quality royalty-free stock images and high-definition footage at the best prices to fill all your creative needs.
  • Stocksy is home to a highly curated collection of royalty-free stock photography and video footage that is beautiful, distinctive, and highly usable.
  • butdoesitfloat
  • AllTheFreeStock
  • UI Faces UI Faces aggregates thousands of avatars which you can carefully filter to create your perfect personas or just generate random avatars.


  • Coolors The super fast color schemes generator!
  • Colordot
  • Brand Colors The biggest collection of official brand color codes around.
  • Material Design Palette
  • Flat UI Color Picker
  • LOL COLORS Curated color palette inspiration.
  • The Day's Color is to find colorful inspiration from things that surround us. Daily.
  • Color Claim
  • Color Hunt is a free and open platform for color inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes.
  • CSS Colours Name
  • Color Code
  • Colorrrs
  • Nippon Colors
  • Colorize is a website that turns any word or phrase into a hex color.
  • Hello Color
  • Color Lisa is a curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the worlds greatest artists.
  • ColorDrop
  • colorfavs a place that made it easy to create and discover new colors and palettes for all of your projects.
  • uiGradients
  • HTML Color Codes Get HTML color codes, Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values with our color picker, color chart and HTML color names.
  • palettr is a web tool for designers.
  • Paletton
  • Palettable Generate beautiful color palettes using the knowledge of millions of designers.
  • Picular
  • Colorable “If one says ‘Red’ (the name of the color) and there are 50 people listening, it can be expected that there will be 50 reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different.” – Josef Albers
  • Google Colors The Material Design color system can be used to create a color theme that reflects your brand or style.
  • WebGradients Free collection of 180 linear gradients that you can use as content backdrops in any part of your website.
  • Chinese Colors is a collection of Chinese traditional colors.
  • Gradienta Multicolor CSS Gradients, JPG Downloads, 100% Free!
  • Veranda Color Browse color palettes made by other designers, generate and submit your own.
  • macOS Icon Gallery
  • icon54
  • icons8
  • Iconfinder provides high-quality icons to millions of creative professionals.
  • icon dock
  • Genericons Neue generic looking icons, suitable for a blog or simple website.
  • is a free flat icon maker.
  • Evil Icons Simple and clean SVG icon pack with the code to support Rails, Sprockets, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt and CDN.
  • Typeicons are free-to-use vector icons embedded in a webfont for easy use in any UI, whether it be on the web or in a native app.
  • The Noun Project
  • Nucleoapp is a beautiful library of 27500 icons, and a powerful application to collect, customize and export all your icons.
  • Picons Vector Icons for iOS, Android, Websites & Apps. Icons designed to perfection.
  • Pictos is back once again with Redux: all new carefully crafted interface icons. Each icon in Redux has three variations: Line, Solid & Color.
  • Smashicons is the largest and most distinct Icon Pack in the World. Smashicons offers the simplest, effortless way to use icons.
  • Symbolset
  • logofaves
  • Logo of the day
  • LogoMoose is a logo inspiration and design community showcasing logos submitted by professional logo designers.
  • Logospire is a logo inspiration gallery.
  • Game Icons
  • Material Design Icons
  • Material Design Iconic Font is a full suite of material design icons (created and maintained by Google) with additional community-designed and brands icons for easy scalable vector graphics on websites or desktop.
  • Bytesize is a tiny style-controlled SVG iconset.
  • NOVA Material Design Icons 4,000 vector icons provided in two styles: Line and Solid.
  • Free Icon Shop is a large collection of beautiful free icons in vector formats. All icons are commercially free to use. Download free icons in PNG, SVG, Ai or PSD formats.
  • Simple Icons Free SVG icons for popular brands.
  • iconmonstr Free, monstrously big and continuously growing source of simple icons run by one creator.
  • Octions GitHub's icons.
  • We Love Icon Fonts
  • IconStore Free icons by first-class designers.
  • Google Material Icons Material icons are delightful, beautifully crafted symbols for common actions and items. 🌟
  • Font Awesome Get vector icons and social logos on your website with Font Awesome, the web's most popular icon set and toolkit. 🌟
  • IconMoon Pixel perfect icon solutions.
  • ICONO pure css icons, with only one element.
  • svg-icon is an ultimate SVG icons collection done right.
  • Iconfont+ 阿里妈妈 MUX 倾力打造的矢量图标管理、交流平台。
  • CoreUI Icons Premium designed free icon set with marks in SVG, Webfont and raster formats.



  • Sketch is a platform to empower designers to share and collaborate on their designs and work better, together. Developer, Sketch App Sources, Sketch Repo, Sketch Plugins,🌟
  • Adobe Photoshop Best imaging and design app is at the core of almost every creative project. PSD Repo, PSDDD. 🌟
  • Adobe Illustrator The industry-standard vector graphics app lets you create logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video, and mobile. 🌟
  • Adobe After Effects Bold new ways to put your ideas in motion. v
  • Adobe Project Felix A new app for working with 3D models, materials, and lights with 2D background images to create fully rendered, high-quality images with photorealistic effects.
  • Adobe XD Vector-based tool for designing and prototyping user experience for web and mobile apps. 🌟
  • Zeplin Build pixel perfect apps in peace.
  • Panda A smart news reader built for productivity, powered by integrations.
  • INBOARD Organize your inspiration.
  • Sip The best way to collect, organize & share your colors.
  • RightFont The future of font manager software for Mac OS X.
  • Dropbox Get to all your files from anywhere, on any device, and share them with anyone. 🌟
  • Iconjar Organize, search and use icons the easy way.
  • Affinity Designer - Professional graphic design software for Mac.
  • Inkscape Free vector graphics tool.
  • Figma The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration. 🌟
  • Gravit End-to-end web-based design platform.
  • Taskade Collaborate with clients on the same page visually with team tasks, notes and meeting agendas.
  • Framer X Design tool for creating interactive designs, interfaces and animations.


  • Marvel Simple design, prototyping and collaboration.
  • InVision The world's leading prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform.
  • Origami Design Prototyping.
  • Haiku Animation tool for UI components, ready for iOS, Android or Web Apps.
  • Atomic The prototyping tool designed for teams.
  • Prototypes that feel real.
  • Protopie Interactive prototypes with simple triggers, connects to phone features like vibration, proximity, and camera.
  • Justinmind Prototype Faster, Communicate Better.
  • Principle Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps.
  • Flinto App prototyping tools for designers.
  • Axure Design the right solution and align your team.
  • Form Build and customize native prototypes directly on device.
  • Bootstrap Studio A powerful desktop app for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.
  • Adobe Experience Design Design, prototype and quickly share user experiences.
  • UXPin High fidelity animated prototypes created in minutes.
  • MockingBot Mobile prototyping tool without headache.
  • POP Transform pen and paper ideas into a real working prototype.
  • Prott Prototyping tool for Web, iOS, Android apps.


  • Mockup World handpicks and presents the best photorealistic Photoshop mockups that designers and agencies worldwide have published online.
  • Placeit marry design and technology to create high-quality branding and marketing tools so anyone from individuals to large companies can create amazing visual assets for their brand regardless of technical or artistic skills.
  • Epicpxls Free & premium curated fonts, graphics, templates, mobile app designs & UI Kits.
  • 360 Mockups Totally FREE to download PSD Mockups to present your works.
  • Facebook Devices Images and Sketch files of popular devices.
  • Facebook HandsKit Photos of hands holding various phones, to be used in any presentation of your designs.
  • UINames is a simple tool to generate fake names for use in designs and mockups.
  • NinjaMock is a small startup based in Denmark, a country famous for its strong attitude towards design and quality.
  • Smartmockups app The #1 tool for creating stunning marketing images.
  • Froala Design Blocks Over 170 responsive design blocks ready to be used in your web or mobile apps. All blocks are based on the Bootstrap Library, and they are the building blocks for beautiful websites.
  • ScreenSpace
  • Rotato 3D mockups
  • Lorem Ipsum
  • BrowserFrame is the easiest way to wrap screenshots in browser frames. Supports multiple browsers, operating systems, and themes. Great for landing pages and mockups.
  • Device Shots is a tool that helps you create beautiful device mockups to share on social media platforms, with the screenshot of your website or mobile application, for free.

User Testing

  • Capture exactly how users experience your product: no guesswork required.
  • UserTesting Get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your website or mobile app. Go beyond analytics and understand why users do what they do.
  • UserBrain Keep getting videos of real people testing your website, web app or prototype and make it ridiculously easy to use.
  • Reflector Wireless mirroring and streaming receiver.
  • User Zoom All-in-One Agile UX Research Platform.
  • Remote user testing suite. Intercept real people for user research.
  • Usabilla Customer feedback and survey tool.
  • Remote, easy and simple user testing.
  • Validately Easy way to recruit testers, launch tests, and analyze results.
  • Users Think Get user feedback from real people, on demand, when you need it.
  • CrazyEgg Heatmapping software.
  • HotJar Includes screen recordings, heatmapping, form and funnel analysis and user feedback polls & surveys
  • Inspectlet Captures user actions and browsing, generates heatmaps, records with a realtime timeline
  • Clicktale is a user experience management platform.
  • Maze Design is a great way to conduct user interviews

Read and Digest

  • Design Milk is an online magazine dedicated to modern design, offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. 🌟
  • frog is a global Design, innovation and strategy firm.
  • Danish Design Centre
  • Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google. 🌟
  • Google Art & Culture, explore collections and stories from around the world.
  • Airbnb Design is a cross-disciplinary group of experience and production designers, researchers, technologists, writers and content strategists, graphic designers, filmmakers, producers, interior architects, project managers, photographers and more. 🌟
  • Fast.Co Design is the world’s leading business media brand, with an editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, world changing ideas, creativity, and design. 🌟
  • Smashing Magazine founded in September 2006 in Germany, Smashing Magazine delivers reliable, useful, but most importantly practical articles to web designers and developers. 🌟
  • Design Taxi
  • Yanko Design
  • Swiss Miss is a design blog/studio run by tina roth eisenberg.
  • UX Magazine is a free community resource exploring all facets of experience design.
  • UXBooth is a publication by and for the user experience community.
  • IDEO
  • Design Shack established in 2003, Design Shack is a magazine for creatives, designers, and developers.
  • Booooooom was launched in 2008 by Vancouver-based artist Jeff Hamada. It is Canada’s highest traffic art platform, and one of the largest on the Internet.
  • designmodo provides articles, tutorials and industry news about trends and techniques.
  • webdesignerdepot
  • UX Movement shows you which way gives the best user experience.
  • Speckyboy was launched with the intent of serving as an inspirational hub for web designers.
  • HUGE
  • Sitepoint Blog
  • UIE helps people have the expertise they need to deliver better design.
  • Attack the Front
  • codrops is a web design and development blog that publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends, techniques and new possibilities.
  • The Great Discontent is a print publication and online magazine featuring inspiring conversations with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers.
  • Underconsideration are a graphic design firm generating it own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work.
  • Little Big Details is a curated collection of the finer details of design, updated every day.
  • WAYS WE WORK is a digital publication focused on telling stories and getting first-hand accounts of how people do the work they love.
  • Creative Review has been bringing the creative community together since 1980.
  • Creativeoverflow is an online design magazine for anything creative.
  • Facebook is a facebook design blogs.
  • Facebook Design on Medium experiences from the people designing products billions of people use every day.
  • Hacking UI is a community for designers, developers and creative entrepreneurs with a passion.
  • PixelSquid Blog
  • LOGO DESIGN LOVE is a website and book devoted to the design of logos and brand identities.
  • is a community-based website for web designers and developers.
  • HeyDesigner daily curated design knowledge.
  • Nicely Done is a curation of the nicest digital products.
  • Dropbox Design on Medium Stories and musings from the Dropbox Design team. 🌟
  • Designer News is a large, global community of people working in design and technology or those interested in the topics. 🌟
  • Sidebar has been collecting the best links about UI design, typography, CSS, user research, and all other facets of design since 2012. 🌟
  • CodePen Blog where CodePen post announcements, tips and tricks, new and updated features, fun roundups, new podcast episodes, and more.
  • Web Designer News curated stories for designers. 🌟
  • The UX for VR is a curated list of resources to help you on your journey into the User Experience of Virtual Reality.
  • Reeoo provides web design inspiration and gallery for web designers.
  • CREATIVE BLOQ delivers a daily mix of advice and inspiration for digital and traditional artists, web designers, graphic designers, 3D and VFX artists, illustrators, and more. 🌟
  • Pond5
  • Dexigner
  • Nicce on Medium  Gather, share & discuss ideas with your team.
  • Artwxrk
  • Designspiration is committed to being the best product that it can.
  • Freebiesbug Hand-picked resources for web designer and developers, constantly updated.
  • Muuuuu
  • Muzli on Medium The freshest links about design and interactive, from around the web.
  • The Best Designs
  • Flat Inspire is a curated gallery & showcase of the best websites rocking a Flat Design/UI style.
  • Site Inspire is a showcase of the finest web and interactive design.
  • Media Queries
  • One Page Love is the leading showcase of beautiful One Page websites, templates and resources.
  • Admire the Web
  • Pttrns
  • Empty States
  • Call to Idea
  • Siiimple
  • Zurb PatternTap
  • Land Book created this place for Designers, Developers, Product Owners, Marketing Managers, Startupers, Freelancers and, really, for everyone who appreciates fine designs and well-crafted sites.
  • oozled
  • officelovin is an online platform about office architecture & design.
  • Best Website The most beautiful websites handpicked for you — since 2008!
  • FreeDesignResources
  • Abduzeedo
  • Material UI
  • 1stwebdesigner By web design professionals, for web design professionals. We're on a mission to help you build a better web.
  • DesignShock is the biggest bundle/subscription you can find in one place including icons, avatars, graphic elements, GUI packs, design sets and both web and print templates
  • Up is the leading community of creatives, offering the best downloadable resources, every day.
  • Freebbble
  • Baianat
  • Graphberry provide you with the creative graphic resources you need to transform into your personal or commercial work.
  • UX Project Checklist 🌟
  • TRIDIV is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS.
  • Mobile Mozaic
  • wwwhere
  • Lapa is a gallery featuring the best 1920 landing page examples from around the web.
  • Designer Mill
  • Freebiesjedi
  • Webfieldmanual
  • CodeMyUI Web Design & UI Inspiration with Code Snippets.
  • A List Apart has been discussing design, development and meaning of web content since 1997 and remains a great resource for designers and programmers alike.

Styleguide and Branding


  • Lynda is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. 🌟
  • CreativeLive
  • DesignSchool Anyone can make beautiful designs with Canva.
  • Envato Tuts+ helps you learn creative skills and shape the life you want.
  • Udemy The leading global marketplace for learning and instruction.
  • AboutCG 前身是 CG 共和国(CGGHG), 是成立于2004年的计算机图形图像教学服务网站,也是国内最早的原创CG视频教学的制作者。
  • DevDojo
  • Platzi Growth marketing Course.
  • greyscalegorilla



  • Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan sin 1957.
  • Red Dot Award stands for belonging to the best in design and business. It's international design competition, the “Red Dot Design Award”, is aimed at all those who would like to distinguish their business activities through design. 🌟
  • Apple Design Awards is a special event hosted by Apple Inc. at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. 🌟
  • iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. The award, which spans multiple disciplines, has more than 5,500 entries from around 59 nations every year. 🌟
  • FWA to showcase cutting edge creativity, regardless of the medium or technology used.
  • CSS Design Awards is a web design & development award platform for digital folk, UI/UX peeps and inspiring leaders of the web.
  • CSS Awards is a web designer/agency/studio inspiration gallery, where a high quality of CSS websites placed from around the world.
  • Creative AD Awards Discover the Most Creative & Sophisticated Advertising Campaigns around the World.
  • D&AD
  • Awwwards The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet. 🌟
  • CSS Winner is a unique global platform awarding and showcasing the best websites and promoting innovative web designers, developers and agencies.

Conference and Festival

  • Uideo talks for designers from 69 ux/ui conferences all over the world.
  • MAX Get inspired. Learn skills. Play.
  • The AIGA Design Conference
  • SXSW founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries.
  • ICON9 brings together top illustrators, designers, educators, representatives, and art buyers to explore the future of illustration.
  • Mirror is a conference designed to empower designers and front-end developers who have a thirst for knowledge and want to broaden their horizons.
  • Interaction
  • Offset has fast become one of the world’s most inspirational, educational and vocational conferences for the design and creative industries.
  • 99U Adobe 99U Conference.
  • Typographics is a multi-part event series foc­used on con­tempo­rary typo­graphy and where its future may lie.
  • Brand New Conference is a two-day event organized by UnderConsideration.
  • How Design Live is one of the largest annual gatherings of creative professionals in the world, HOW Design Live is a career-changing, life-altering experience.
  • Better by Design is about conference & workshops.
  • What Design Can Do is an international platform on the impact of design.
  • Design and Content The Conference for Designers & Content Strategists — we're better together.
  • generate the award winning conference for web designers returns to NYC!
  • Typo International Design Talks is where the world’s design experts speak
  • Service Design Days
  • SemiPermanent
  • Dribbble Meetups are a chance for designers to socialize, talk shop, and foster their local design communities.
  • CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community.
  • CodePen Meetups for like-minded code people to hang out, do show-and-tell, and bask in the lovely culture that is front end.


  • Shop Talk is an internet radio show about the internet starring Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier.
  • workmode is a podcast series about being a pro.
  • UX Podcast is a twice-monthly digital design podcast sharing insights about business, technology and people since 2011.
  • - 设计杂谈 是一档播客节目,由 UI 设计师 JJ Ying 和 Leon Gao 主播,我们的目标是让你的听觉更懂视觉。
  • The Deeply Graphic Design The web + graphic design podcast that offsers both pratical and creative design advice you can use.
  • is a podcast about digital product design. Hosted by thoughtbot's Chief Design Officer Kyle Fiedler & Boston Design Director Jaclyn Perrone.
  • Pagebreak is an audio podcast hosted by Liz Andrade and Niki Brown.
  • Design Matters The world's first podcast about design and an inquiry into the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought
  • The Greate Discontent Podcast features in-depth conversations with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers.
  • Design Details Podcast A weekly conversation about design process and culture.
  • A weekly podcast about design, technology, programming and everything else.
  • Type is Beautiful - 字谈字畅 是第一档用华语制作的字体排印主题播客节目,由 Eric Liu 与钱争予搭档主播。
  • Boagworld UX Show Every Thursday Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington are joined by a variety of guests to discuss a range of web design related topics.
  • Responsive Web Design Podcast Karen and Ethan interview the people who make responsive redesigns happen.
  • Adventures in Design
  • The Hacking UI Podcast is hosted by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner, who are both a designer and developer as well as entrepreneurs, bloggers, productivity/time-hacker maniacs, and all around tech geeks.
  • CodePen Radio is a podcast all about what it's like running a small web software business. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • UX COFFEE - 设计咖 设计无处不在。在这个节目里,我们试图探寻设计的力量、这个世界被创造的过程、以及参与设计了这个世界的人们。主播:Riceman、Hoka、帆啊帆、张挠挠。


  • Dribbble Show and tell for designers. 🌟
  • Behance Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. 🌟
  • Medium is a place to read, write, and interact with the stories that matter most to you. 🌟
  • Fribbble Free PSD files and other free design resources by Dribbblers.
  • DeviantArt The largest online art gallery and community.
  • tumblr Come for what you love. Stay for what you discover.


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