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An awesome repository of community-curated applications of ChatGPT and other LLMs im computational biology

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An awesome repository of community-curated applications of ChatGPT and other LLMs in computational biology!

Any material is welcome, as long as it is:

  • Free to read without accounts
  • High quality (subjective, but we know it when we see it)
  • Relevant to bioinformaticians

To contribute, just add the link to this document and open a Pull Request!

Have fun!

Prompt collections

Applications that use the GPT API

Prompt Engineering

Understanding the tool

Ethics and Accountability Discussions

Bioinformatics-specific resources

API and advanced applications

Quick Prompts

The following prompts may not be the most efficient in terms of prompt engineering, but they are quick, useful and exemplify usage of ChatGPT for computational biologists.

Improve Code Readability and Documentation

  • “Add explanatory comments to this code: {code here}”
  • “Rename the variables for clarity: {code here}”
  • "Render roxygen2 documentation for the function: {R code here}”.

Write Code Efficiently

  • "Extract functions to increase modularity: {code here}"
  • "Write a unit test for the following function and help me implement it: {code here}"
  • "Re-write and optimize this for loop: {code here}"

Clean up data

  • "Write me regex for R/python/Excel with a pattern that will extract {} from {}"
  • "Act as a table. Add a new column with consistent labels to this dataset:"

Improve data visualization

  • "Create a ggplot2 violin plot with a log10 Y axis"
  • "Change my code to make the plot color-blind friendly"
  • "Translate this plot from ggplot2 to matplotlib syntax"


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